Audrey Loviana, ✧

The bellevue whose subtlety pinions make quintessence splatter ୨୧

Tuileries Garden, PI. de la Concorde, 75001 Paris - France.
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miko. · 12mo

Hello, Audrey. Its M, sender from base! mind to follow me back? Can i ask about what's your favorite song?

follow-back it has arrived at your cottage, love! >⠀< let me answer your question, i’ve been into Taylor’s songs lately. esp, All Of The Girls You Loved Before and Lavender Haze. how about you?

ROUGE. · 12 answers · 12mo

What makes you fall in love with your crush/lover?

miaw · 12mo

What do you think about coyotes?

Allegra Circe Reign. · 12mo

Hello, Jade. I believe that we met through a menfess as I saw you liked my tweet. I love your setting, it looks cute. Thank you for following me first here, do you mind if I follow you on Twitter?

hello there! uhm.. i’m so thank you for your sweet words. >__💗 OF COURSE! you get a freedom 🎟 to follow me on twitter, and i’ll send you a followback!

CH · 12mo

Hello, I'm a sender from base (who do silliness, I guess). Follback ya. Anyway lucu temanya pink-pink, is it illegal for Barbie to have activities in the human world?

hi there! if i may know, which platform do you follow me on? cause i don’t know about that, but i’ve followed you on Twitter and here (Retrospring). and so thankful to know that sweet compliment, maybe i’ll back to fairytale ASAP!!! hihi >___<

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