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Anonymous asked about 2 months ago

Tell us about ur upcoming ocs on th! What are ur plans for them? Their personalities, hobbies, ages? ect?

I have so many I need to upload... T_T We have Aden, protagonist of my current main setting - a crown prince cursed by his ancestor and destined to keep reality from unraveling - no pressure tho :) then the rest are mostly in the same setting - Rafael, mortal incarnate of the god of will and desire; Sekuhlu, prince of the aquatic shapeshifters who just wants to cause trouble; Cahetel, a traveler from a different world who can't find his way home; Romiel, an elven mage who discovers ancient artifacts that allow him to perform black magic, etc etc etc... I just need so much more time to upload them all o<-<

leafopal asked 5 months ago


Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hi! Since u commission pretty often I wanted to ask an opinion... if I commissioned an artist five months ago and they never replied to my dms past the ones about payment, and seem to have gone off twitter since about four months, should I hust ask p/paypal for a refund...? I've tried to contact the artist like once a month but they seem to be mia and I don't want to ask for money they might be needing rn but also... I'm a bit worried y'know. Sorry for the question but what would u do? x.x

hey!! don't apologize! I'm happy to answer questions like this since I've been through the comm wringer before lol. In this case I would file that chargeback with Paypal TODAY because it sounds like you're not going to be able to do so for much longer. There's really only 2 results in the kind of scenario you're describing. The artist is either gonna see the chargeback and panic and respond to you immediately (but please be wary if they try to push it off for longer because they might just disappear again!) OR they will not respond at all and you'll get your money back and never know where tf the artist went. LOL when it's [...]

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Anonymous asked 6 months ago

you always get the most gorgeous art!! any advice on finding people to commission? especially with how bad the algorithm is on twitter these days :’)

thank you so so so much!! ;o; I guess my advice is to just fall down into the twitter rabbit hole every now and then - check who your fave artists follow, check those out, check out who they RT, just look at ALL the art!! eventually you will find someone with commissions open. I also recommend just Shooting Your Shot and asking about commissions even if they're not visibly open, but always make sure to be polite and, if you're asking for a commission when their prices aren't available, make sure to let them know what your budget is up front so nobody's time is wasted...! Oh and don't just send a message that says "hi" lmao, [...]

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Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Is there a type of food you like the most?

things with GRAVY!!!!! or a really good sauce. stews and curries and. oh yeah. DUMPLINGS!!!! anything that is stuffed 😳

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Favorite color combinations?

HMMM purple and gold, green and black, blue and white... are the ones I can think of off the top of my head!

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

what kinda character are you most interested in getting/working on rn?

I'm just excited to keep developing my new setting with @miqueltoast and @succubees and maybe open it up to more people too..!! Lots of characters to work on in there =w=

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Would it be possible for you to share/show a snippet of how you organize your notes for your OCs? You have such wonderful, well thought-out, and detailed characters I can't help but be curious about your process and and how you put your ideas together :o (p.s I hope you're doing well!)

... I would LOVE to share that with you anon, especially for such a sweet and complimentary question 😭💖 but the truth is that I have ADHD and I've definitely FORGOTTEN probably 5 times more facts and ideas about my OCs than have successfully made it into their story or profile LMFAO,,,, so it's honestly just a matter of trying to make sure I write it down SOMEWHERE so I don't forget it. And then it's a matter of finding where I wrote it down. lmfao. HELP-- FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR ORGANIZATION TIPS...

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

What's your favorite color?

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

ilu bih - dirt

#lapin★ asked 6 months ago

how is your daying going... ! (or evening)

currently my stomach is trying to punch its way out of my body but other than that!! no present complaints~

mallizard asked 6 months ago

What inspires you when it comes to thinking up new OC ideas?

hmm... it can be anything, tbh! Anything can make an idea to pop into my head, usually when I'm just letting my mind wander... the more ideas you fill your mental database with by watching and reading things (even just nature documentaries!!) the easier it is to pull inspiration from anything and everything around you. that's what I think at least :>

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

How are you doing today?

I've been holding off on answering this question because the answer was pretty bleak most days LMFAOOOO but I'm... getting better...!! bit by bit...!

Kaede asked 6 months ago

Nithael is the most beautiful being ive ever seen i hope hes absolutely thriving rn

THANK YOUUUUU!!!!! 🥺 He will be getting a new lease on life in a DnD campaign in the future, I'm excited!!

Kai/Takara asked 6 months ago

out of your ocs, which one did you not expect to get as attached to as you are currently?

I would actually probably say Nereus! I usually have a character in mind before I find a design to suit them, but Nereus was the total opposite... zzpop posted a wip of the design and I IMMEDIATELY had ideas forming in my mind for a character, so as soon as pop confirmed the design was going to be for sale I knew I had to get him. so I AB'd as soon as the auction went up and he's become a very dear developed OC, largely in part to Miq making such a darling boy to write him with... 🥰💖✨

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