Anonymous Catto asked 12 months ago

Hi Caroline,
You don't know me but I am so sorry you have to go through this especially when it's so publicized because of people still holding on to past things that were said instead of just blocking you and moving on.
I know how it feels to be in your position on a more confidential standpoint (not having my situation all over Twitter for people to gaslight and drone on about).
While I've used a few of your mods (they're super cute!), I don't know you as a person but there is not a living soul that deserves the amount of negativity you're receiving.
Please keep your head up and unapologetically live your truth, girl. You are human, as we all are.
Keep marching to the beat of your own drum no matter what people have to say because in the end, you have you and that's all that matters.
Much love from me to you. ♡

Thank you. I've decided to stop answering some questions because they're obviously just baits to hurt me from people who don't understand the whole story. Anyone with any questions has every right to DM me and ask, and I will happily answer, but as of now, I'm done.

I'm glad you appreciate my work, and whoever you are, I appreciate you. You're good enough, as are we all.

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