Anonymous Catto asked 2 months ago

Hi! I’m actually one of your friends’ mutuals and I don’t follow you on Twitter, but I do have you added on Discord. I just want to say that you are amazing for being able to stand up for yourself when people were non-stop bullying you. It’s disgusting how people paint someone in a certain light without getting to know them. I’m not going to question you and Nyaughty’s relationship if it’s toxic or not, but I hope you find happiness. Whether it’s with him or alone. You deserve better things than whatever the hell this goddamn community was throwing at you. Please keep your head up and continue being the meow meow that you are! 💕

that hit me right in the meow meow!

Thank It makes me feel weird tbh that I'm actually .... looked up to? I'm just some normal girl ;_________; but in any case it means the world to me; thank you. 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope life throws you even better, better, BETTER things than that it throws at me! I hope life gently yeets you the nicest most amazing things it has to offer at you <3

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