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Curious buns. 路 22d

iya lagi set eyes on someone, bukan? besides your bias

I honestly don't get the concept of setting my eyes on anyone. Wouldn't I need to be official with them first to properly setting my eyes to them? If it's on this matter then no. If you're saying whether I actively pursue someone currently? Then the answer is also no. Udah gak mau ngejar orang lagi. Sisanya cuma inget lee juyeon tbz.

Curious buns. 路 22d

hahaha gapapa! udah jelas tanpa perlu ditanya berarti iya ya?

Curious buns. 路 23d

do you set your eyes on someone right now? selain TBZ atau karakter anime itu ya


Curious buns. 路 23d

do you set your eyes on someone right now?

Bintang. 4 answers 7mo

What do you think it means to be in love?

To realize that you're walking to your doom, just to prepare yourself that it might not be reciprocated. But as a human, no matter how many preparations you did, it would still crush you terribly because, being in love means placing it vulnerably in someone's hand.

Selian 21 answers 5mo

Guys, I'm curious. Kalian kalau mass BUB terus misal ada mutual yang lumayan deket sering interaksi nggak reply di tweet announcement kalian bakal gas BUB aja atau aman?

Unfollow, biar kalau nanti dia notis dan masih mau temenan tinggal reply and we can be mutual again.

Noa. 9 answers 4mo

describe your perfect day!

A not overwhelmingly hot day (but no rain), talking with people that're precious to me and no bad news or bad things suddenly resurfacing.

Noa. 17 answers 4mo

would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to teleport?

R, Alvarez. 3 answers 4mo

What makes you fall for someone or maybe your partner right now?

I fall for people who's smart and attentive, first. Then who would learn what they don't know, and also a soft-spoken one.

Gerrard. 13 answers 4mo

Kalian tipe yang social energy nya cepet habis atau cepet pulih?

Gerrard. 10 answers 3mo

Ada saran nama kontak pacar yang anti-mainstream gak? Selain Bae, 911, dll. Mau yang ada unsur kuliahnya especially jurusannya.

24 answers 2mo

Hey-ho! Mind telling me your top 3 desserts? ^~^ (mine are softcakes, macaroons, and chocolate pudding!) 馃

Noa. 12 answers 2mo

tell me your on repeat di bulan ini dong

Curious buns. 路 1mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? 鉁

Mm ta?? Tadinya yakin jawab anywhere door but I think I need the time machine more despite of it not inside the pocket currently.

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