A Curious Flamingo asked 5 months ago

Hi hi !! I hope you don't mind me asking some more questions about your ocs !! I wanted to know which ocs are together (romantically) and how they got together and if you have any who have crushes on one another (or one sided) if that makes any sense !

Hello! I don't mind OC questions, I think it's kinda neat someone might be mildly interested in my characters haha

I have a lot of couples in my stories, the character I choose to get art for/make profiles for are usually the main character + the most important side characters and romantic interests so I can get couple art LOL Honestly I have so many I'm just gonna list brief snippets cuz explaining them all would be way too long an answer, feel free to ask for details I suppose if there is a particular character you are interested in!

  • Charis & Nasim are a couple; their story is like a little fantasy romance tale

  • Berry & Honey are a couple; they're just two cute young girls who work at a farmers market together. They honestly don't have a very deep story, just two sweet girls living happily together LOL

  • Ruomei and Shadi are a couple; Shadi spends a bit of time pursuing Ruomei and she always acts like he's annoying her but she's very bad at acting like she doesnt actually care about him

  • Octavia & Cassius are a couple; Octavia starts out the story with a crush on Cassius but is too shy to approach him, when they eventually meet Cassius actually immediately takes a liking to her LOL

  • Guillerma has a crush on Faust and later Haru; Haru also starts out the story liking Faust. Faust rejects both of them. Guillerma pursues Haru for most of the story and they do end up together. They let Faust know there is an open invitation to be a thruple should she ever have a change of heart 👯

  • Faust liked her childhood best friend who she thought died and stays hung up on for a long time. Faust is kind of a villain type character so when they eventually reconnect and Faust considers trying to make it work, she realizes she's not the person she once was and breaks it off, she has a melodramatic "I'll never love again" kind of attitude over this

  • Juda and Faust sort of have an enemies to lover thing going on, but neither wants to admit they like each other. Juda tries suggesting Perhaps there are some Feelings between them and Faust insults him, causing him to storm off and not talk to her for a long while. Their story isn't "done" so they may end up together... they may not... who can say....

  • Tempest and Demi end up together eventually, takes a long time cuz Demi has a childhood sweetheart he spends years trying to make it work with while Tempest is very "eh" on the idea of romance. Their romance is very slow burn, that couple that keeps almost admitting their feelings

  • Winsome has no canon partner, she's one of them people that is really into the idea of being in love tho and goes through a lot of girlfriends. She's important tho cuz she's one of Tempest's best friends and hates Demi; she steals Demi's gf just to make him miserable, but this actually leads to Tempest going to comfort Demi and the two get closer as a result.

  • Mabel as no canon partner at the moment but I have another character Bilal (who is currently privated on TH) that has romantic interest in her... I haven't decided if they get together or remain buddies, very up in the air rn

  • I have another story about "princess" type of girl that is in love with a female soldier and decides she's gonna learn to be tough so she can win the soldier's heart. They aren't on TH right now but I hope to get them designs sometime this year so I can bring them around