A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Hi, is there a way to purchase the CSS, $6 version of Overview? Sorry, I see it's retired, but the only link on the code preview is to your closed gumroad shop & on your ko-fi the 'Overview' layout is an HTML-only version, not the CSS layout. This is the one, for reference: https://toyhou.se/2505659.o1-overview-6-

the old premium overview code preview shouldn’t even be up, i must have made a mistake with its listing & i shall fix that tonight. I no longer sell that and will not re-list it. I have several bundles with “overview” HTML - Flatly, Widescren, Tug, Cute, Tidy and Split all have variations of it. I would recommend one of those if you want a premium version of Overview !

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