ChloeCat · 4mo

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

i'm super autistic so i tend to fixate on an album/artist and run it into the ground until i'm ready to move on.

currently the two things i listen to most are:

100 gecs (hyperpop/experimental with a trans. favorite songs: ringtone, dumbest girl alive, torture me, gec 2 u, 757. thanks to rose for telling me about them!

soundtrack from crazy ex-girlfriend. the show is an amazing portrayal of borderline personality disorder and it's comforting seeing mental illness talked about honestly and openly (plus they're clever and well written songs). idk if they will seem as great outside context of having seen the show, but some favorites are: a diagnosis, antidepressants are not a big deal, you stupid bitch, the sexy getting ready song, no-one else is singing my song, i go to the zoo, the end of the movie

i reference cxg a lot, especially that last song which includes a line that speaks to me as an author: "if you saw a movie that was like real life, you'd be like, 'what the hell was that movie about? it was really all over the place'. Life doesn't make narrative sense". sometimes i forget life is a bunch of random shit happening.

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