stereotypical gifted boy turned burnout girl; established 2023

single parent
baby trans
autistic + adhd exclusive pre-order dlc

submissive like a guard dog

Seattle, WA
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I'm not that interesting but I like to type


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the f00fy one · 17 answers · 2mo

What's your favorite computer bug/glitch? (Including video game glitches.)

Or: Tell me about some interesting technical issues that you've had.

the f00fy one · 25 answers · 3mo

Do your friends rely on you for tech support, or are you usually the one who needs tech support?

i recently helped fix a laptop for my ex-wife’s lover so it’s not even just friends tbh…

Elly · 7 answers · 3mo

Did Fedi help you discover you're a lesbian?

yes and no?

prior to joining fedi I had only been interested in women but also had only ever been a dude

so without it I would never have been a lesbian (thus yes)

but also I learned on fedi im attracted to some men soooooooo idk

anon · 1y

Why is HRT an obvious step in the transition journey for you? Aren’t you already your true self and have always been and always be so without medical interventions? Asking in good faith, and I assume everyone has a unique way that they can answer these questions.

ChloeCat · 4mo

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

anon · 4mo

Why doesn't the second cat in your header have hind legs? Is it okay?

it's too zoomed in to be effective, but the cats when zoomed out a bit more spell a SECRET MESSAGE that is not worth the effort to see. (open the image in a new browser tab and zoom out. but, again, it's not worth the time).

anon · 8mo

why are you so cool

my unique combination of mental illnesses can be endearing in small dosages, especially to people with compatible unprocessed traumas.

you might want to talk to someone about how emotionally available your parents are/were

anon · 1y

Who is your favorite sibling and why is it Bill?

Idk the only one who hasn't come at me with some transphobic nonsense so far is my sister...

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