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Beating Heart · 4d

milo! i miss how i used to send you messages here :[ i got so busy in school and in my life, but whenever i saw green and nature my brain never forget to remind me of you, i hope love and kindness hugs you tightly. -w :>

Beating Heart · 1d

Hai, Milo! Tulisan kamu cantik banget, selalu, aku suka tulisan kamu banget. Kagum dari dulu. Kalau ga keberatan, mau temenan boleh, ga, ya? :( tapi malu buat reach out duluan.

Hey, Lovely! Makasih banyak loh udah mau baca tulisanku dan anggap mereka cantik ... makasih banyak juga buat enggak bosen baca dari dulu! Aku jadi :”____( seneng dengernya! Ih, enggak keberatan kok! Enggak keberatan sama sekali! Kamu boleh reach out duluan ...! :3 Nanti aku sapa balik kamu juga! :3 I'd be delighted to see you in person <3

Beating Heart · 13d

Hi, Milo! Lately I've been seeing all of your works.. and all of them are so beautiful.. glad to find your account. Terimakasih ya, sudah dapat mengekspresikan segala emosi dalam jiwa dalam bentuk tulisan yang indah. Selalu bahagia, Milo! <3

Hey, lovely! Thank you for being so kind enough to me and letting my writings be blessed by the love of yours ... that means the world, really! So do I, my lovely! I am as glad to be given the opportunity of having my path be crossed with yours. Thank you so much for finding joy in reading my writing, I sincerely hope that every kind wish you've made for me will find its way to reach you back—in a kinder and lovelier form! Be happy, you, too! <3

Beating Heart · 13d
Beating Heart · 13d

You're like a rainbow after the rain, you're the book that I lost three years ago and accidentally found, you're like the smell of an old book, you're like a stranger that I talked to in a park and I can't stop thinking about your words.

-w (i‘ll write to you when i can)

Oh, God. You made me wonder what kind of kindness have I done in my past to be told this and to be given the chance to feel love in such a lovely and endearing way. :( Thank you so much, dearest, thank you. You are like this dappled light on the soil that I will forever not be bored to stare at, the kind of wind that calms my noisy night, and the warmth of the midnight sun that keeps me away from the cold. You are, my dear, everything lovely that everyone will think of. I hope you will sleep soundly tonight, too! May love follow you wherever the wind takes you! <3 (Psssst, I know who you are! I miss you lots! <\3)

Beating Heart · 13d

I fear my grief will take my love apart from me. What should I do?

Afraid not, my dear. Because grief, no matter how massive it is, will never be powerful enough to take what's yours. Your love belongs to you alone, and it's something that's been written by the hand of fate; it cannot be changed nor interfered with. Thus, let such thoughts begone of your head. Your love will be there wherever life takes you. Just, think of everything lovely—and if you think you cannot find one, stare at the reflection of yourself, there, your love lay safely and be kept. You will never lose it, it will always be yours.

Beating Heart · 14d

Hi, Milooo! I keep seeing your works around. We're not from the same Twitter community or subtwt but I hope you don't mind me following you :> I just genuinely enjoy seeing writers around my feed.

Heeey! Thank you so much for finding joy in reading my work! Aaaa, that is totally fine cause I see no problem with that! Besides, I do not precisely label my account in any subtwt! That'd be great to have you around, anyways! 🥺 Thank you so much for stopping by! You really made my day! I hope you can find lots of good things to keep today too!

Beating Heart · 14d

if you were to direct a movie what genre will yourd movie be?

Oh, interesting! I’ve thought about this a lot, honestly. Most likely, coming-of-age it is! (A thought-provoking one if I need to be precise.)

Beating Heart · 15d

hai kak Milo! I just wanna say your words are so beautiful! Cantik banget. Awalnya tulisan kamu cuma tiba” datang di tl, tapi sekarang jadi selalu suka pantengin semua tulisanmu! Terimakasih sudah menulis sebagai bentuk mengekspresikan emosi dalam jiwa <33 selalu bahagia, kak Milo!

Halo, Anon! Thank you so much for finding my works to be beautiful to read. Terima kasih banyak juga udah berkenan mampir dan baca tulisanku, aku senang kelewatan dengernya! ☹️ Terima kasih banyak juga aku ucapkan untuk kata-kata baiknya! Semoga segala doa yang kamu panjatkan buatku berenang kembali ke muaranya! (Alias, kamu!) Semoga harinya menyenangkan, ya! Tuhan memberkati 🤍

Beating Heart · 15d

Halo Milo, aku mau tanya boleh gak yaa kira-kira aku liat layout setting kamu di word buat kamu upload tulisan? Makasihh

Halo! Selamat sore, Anon! Sebenarnya aku enggak pakai layout setting yang pasti karena aku punya kecenderungan buat berganti-ganti tergantung gimana aku mau tulisanku ditampilkan saat itu juga. :] Mungkin persamaan dari setiap tulisanku tuh cuman terletak di font dan tampilan teksnya. Biasanya aku pakai font Times New Roman dan pakai mode Justify, biar lebih rapih!

Beating Heart · 15d

Halo kak Milo! Maaf aku tiba tiba nanya di retrospring, aku mau mulai nulis juga dan mau nanya biasanya kakak ngedit writingsnya pake apa yaa? Buat jadi pict gitu soalnya selama ini aku cuma pake medium aja😿 Makasih banyak!

Halo, Merpati Kecil! Enggak apa-apa, hey! Jangan minta maaf ... t___t aku biasanya nulis pakai Word aja! Pake font Times New Roman :3 sebenarnya di Canva juga bisa, kok! Cuman aku udah terbiasa di Word aja. Semoga jawabanku bisa membantu, ya! Semangat nulisnya! Kapan-kapan tolong kasih liat aku tulisannya, ya! Pasti cantik! :3 Selamat malam, ngomong-ngomong! Semoga mimpinya indah 🕊️

Beating Heart · 15d

What books do you read? And what would you when you are in your writeblock phase?

To be honest, it's been a while since the last time I read books. The last ones that I read are Semua Ikan Di Langit and If Cats Disappeared from the World.

Oh, well, I tend to take things slowly when I am in my write-block phase, I will not force myself to write anything to avoid feeling discomfort while writing. I want writing to be something I enjoy doing. Oftentimes, I let my unfinished works remain as drafts. Writing is like this one thing that I take pleasure in doing and I don't want to be performative, thus, I only write when I am feeling like doing of and both physically-mentally capable of writing ;”__)

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