*  Baby, you're the sweetest thing.

ᨳ(. ˘ ³(´ ˘ . )♡ She
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Coolest girl ever


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『⠀Anon⠀』 · 1d

which vtuber is 💖🦑 without googling GO

I was gonna guess momo otako but then a marikyuun video LITERALLY JUST POPPED UP ON MY FEED

『⠀Anon⠀』 · 2d

KAGUYA IS AWESOME thanks you for the goose luk

『⠀Anon⠀』 · 2d

I'm gonna go on a quest to get every single touhou url I can so when most name urls are taken U know who did it

GOOSE LUCK I rerequested /Kaguya last night bc I love her sm I better get it… good luck to you oomf 🤍

Find Mutuals & Spread Love ♡ · 27 answers · 2d

QOTD — What's your favourite ship dynamic?
Follow everyone who responds! Let's gain more mutuals & spread positivity ♡

˚ ᷂ ⠀⠀ 𓏲 ⠀ ⠀Aera。 ⠀⠀𓂃 · 28 answers · 2d

˚⠀ 𓏲𝄢⠀ Question
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Of The Day.ᐟ⠀ 𓂃⠀
❝What's Your Favorite
⠀ Thing About Space.ᐣ❞

CV01 · 18 answers · 2d


What were your original online aliases? Were they cringe? How long did you use them for? How long have you had your current one?

。⠀⠀ko⠀⠀ꜜ  · 13 answers · 3d

qotw(whatever): whats the oddest rabbit hole youve gone down? (that ur comfortable mentioning obviously) im currently in the decay of bodies rabbit hole.

『⠀Anon⠀』 · 3d

would you ever trade mado or no

Lottie · 7 answers · 3d

Bonus qotd cuz i like hearing about everyones day... what are you up to today/what did u do? I'm working on sanding+painting our porch

『⠀Anon⠀』 · 3d

BRO I WILL GIVE YOU /RUMIA AND /GOUTOKUJI FOR /POMU Begging right now You know who i am

Ykw u can just have it oomf… I’ve owned it since like sept 2022 and haven’t decorated it in months😭😭😭 I’ll send the ec to ur inbox mwe eh eh

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