Can I get a uuuuhh burger 👽

ᨳ(. ˘ ³(´ ˘ . )♡ She
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Mumei · 18 answers · 2mo

Are you a wizard, witch or a secret 3rd option? 🧙‍♂️

Mumei · 19 answers · 2mo

Do you have an ideal type?

Mumei · 23 answers · 2mo

Retrospring is so quiet wtf. What was your worst phase/era?

Mumei · 16 answers · 2mo

What songs/albums do you listen to while at school/doing hw/work? Do you have a set playlist or album that you only listen to while working?

Mumei · 15 answers · 2mo

Quesgion of Tha day… do you have a favorite J-fashion style (like gyaru —kei etc)? If not, what’s your favorite style in general !!

Mumei · 18 answers · 2mo

QOTD Because I’m going to Miku expo 2nite:3
Have you been to any concerts? Did you like them!!! If not, what concerts do you wanna see?

Mumei · 26 answers · 2mo

Respond and I’ll assign you one (or a few) characters from my special interests 🧏

Mumei · 19 answers · 2mo

Whats your beige flag?

Mumei · 14 answers · 3mo

When playing certain games, do you spend all of your resources/gems/etc or do you save them?

Mumei · 15 answers · 3mo

Hi questjion ofn the week
What are your favorite neo/xeno pronouns

Mumei · 11 answers · 3mo

Hi im unoriginal what do you associate me with ill give you a character you remind me of from one of my current hyperfixations in return

Mumei · 16 answers · 4mo

QOTD what cruel and unusual punishment would you inflict upon your worst enemy

Mumei · 12 answers · 4mo

Hi . . Another ask all BUT reply and I’ll assign you a Hololive member ♪

Mumei · 11 answers · 4mo

Simple QOTD ; Who was your top artist last year ? ( If you use a site that tracks it of course ) mine was Mori Calliope . .

Mumei · 9 answers · 4mo

QOTD ; Do you think you would make a good YouTuber / Streamer ?

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