wandering around can be tiring sometimes, mind to settle down and have a cup of tea?

Siri, Campo de Fiori
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Mars Ocean. · 8 answers · 1y

Thoughts on Mars/Ocean, please? :3

you're soo nice I mean we're not so close rn (I really want to let's be bffs I have tons of memes :p) but I KNOW you're a nice and genuine person!!

Ollie. · 21 answers · 1y

Who's ready for valentine??! Kalian udah siapin hadiah apa aja nih buat orang kesayangan? 🥴

I't thinking of making an extra cute gift for myself because I love me #selflove

Veneta! · 19 answers · 1y

anybody wants to be my mutual on twitter? reply this if it’s a YES and i’ll shoot you a follow first! 🐈

Bintara · 13 answers · 1y

Hello, everyone! I know it's cold now, but can you suggest a cold drink? Apa aja boleh! Manis, teh atau kopi sekali pun.

Sena. · 33 answers · 1y

Have you set your eyes on someone?

Keenan · 10 answers · 1y

so yaaaah, tuesday almost over. rate your tuesday 1-10. mine 8. soalnya gajian WKWKW (tmi)

mine is 7, I guess. not that bad but nothing really interesting happens either. thank you for asking, Nyel!!

Mars Ocean. · 8 answers · 1y

Hi, lagi apa?

I just came home minutes ago. sekarang lagi males-malesaaannn hehe :D how about you, Ocean??

Ral · 4 answers · 1y

Guys, do you reading something like novel? Kalo iya, current readingmu apa nih? Sekalian saranin buku apa yg harus dibaca, hehe

hi, Ral! this query passed my timeline and I can't hold myself not to reply (pardon me). talking about bookrecs, anyway, maybe you can consider reading Gadis Kretek if you're into Indo hisfic!

Alby Davie Elfarasy. · 4 answers · 1y

Kalau gabut banget ngapain ya enaknya, bingung banget jujur. ( Edisi liburan semester).

mmm, coba jalan-jalan keliling kota, deh! explore kafe kafe gemes sambil baca buku sounds fun :C anyway happy holiday, Hasby!

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