Mars Ocean.
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🧸 · 7mo

What is the best thing ever?

the best thing ever? keterima CA pake muse taeil is the best thing ever <3 info CA yang nerima 1994 juseyo

🧸 · 7mo

Have you ever pet a wolf?

🧸 · 7mo

What was the last thing you have looked for?

🧸 · 7mo

How has your day been?

🧸 · 7mo

What is the worst way to prepare and eat eggs?

the worst way to prepare or cook eggs in my opinion is deep frying, it feels like eating plastic for some reason... because the edges are crispy, i do like eggs with crispy edges but if they're fried in the right amount of oil...

Belly J. Corbyn · 9 answers · 7mo

Hello, everyone! I love watching horror movies. Any recommendations or favorite movies you'd like to share?

Shanina♡ · 6 answers · 7mo

Hi there! My retrospring new buddies. And everyones here???! Let's have a talk here with share 'bout your Friday? 🥺☝🏻

hi, shanina! yesterday went pretty good as usual enggak ada bedanya soalnya kemarin itu enggak ada class jadi di full di rumah rebahan <3

🧸 · 7mo

Who is your favourite comedian?

🧸 · 7mo

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

dulu pernah waktu ke singapore itu gue lagi pegangan sama tas emak gue, terus gatau kenapa tiba-tiba yang punya tas itu berubah alias orang asli sana.. terus gue dicurigain nyolong sama orang singapore T__T if you saw this i'm really sorry, i thought you were my mom..

🧸 · 7mo

Have you ever pet a cat?

🧸 · 9mo

What is the best thing about the Internet?

THE BEST THING ABOUT INTERNET??? bisa dapet journal yang bermanfaat buat paper IR gue yang segudang itu tanpa harus pinjem buku ke perpus bolak balik, thank you internet <3

Aurora Khione · 10 answers · 9mo

what’s something you got away with as a child and your parents still don’t know about?

dulu gara-gara earphone gue sering rusak tuh sering ngambil earphone mereka diem diem, terus pas mereka nyariin bilang nya "enggak tau, gak liat" HEHEHEHEHE

🧸 · 8mo

Do your friends know too much about your family?

not really... cuma mereka tau kisah percintaan mama papa gue gara-gara sering gue ceritain T___T

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