Jo asked 7 months ago · 5 answers

Time for a check up! How's everyone doing? We're on the 3rd of August already, hope everyone's doing well. Lagi sibuk apa temen-temen?

Hi, Jo thanks for asking mee! Aku lagi sibuk kuliah, sama join panitia event lagi EHEH. Kembali aktif lagi nih, sama setting badan biar ga drop mulu. Hbu?

Sibuk getting used to working life, Jo. Semoga kamu sehat dan baik-baik aja juga. 🫵🏻

hemlo to the sweetest!!!! it’s already the fourth and now i’m super scared. i mean, i can’t believe we only have a few months left for 2023. there's a lot of things i want to do and yet i am not able to achieve, still. i have not been in a good condition (mentally) but i am grateful that my body is still coping up with all the stress. i hope you will remain healthy as well, love. semoga bulan agustus jadi bulan yang menyenangkan untuk jojo <3

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