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Jonathan · 3mo

Is there any phrases or sentences you'd like to hear from your loved ones?

Something like they appreciate me, or proud of me for doing the smallest thing. "thank you for being kind to yourself" something like that! : ]

Jace · 2 answers · 28d

Recommend me sci-fi or mystery movies/series to watch, please?

Jace · 7 answers · 1mo

Tell me that one random quote that lives in your mind rent free! It could be from a book, movie, series, or anything.

"If by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again, fall in love with me." — Atlas to Lily, It Ends with Us.

Jace · 4 answers · 1mo

Saran stok indomie rasa apa aja untuk bulan ini.

Human · 1mo

What kind of person are you when you are in love?

A very stupid but logical one (if that makes sense). I'm usually the cold headed one and I always put other first especially when I'm with my loved ones, without forgetting to put me first obviously. I'm the 'let me peel you an orange, I want you to eat well', and the 'pour out your concern on me if you're ready, i'm here' one. Thank you for the question, this makes me thought about it a lot

FY · 4 answers · 2mo

If you were a song, what song it would be?

Human · 2mo

es jeruk atau es teh manis

Human · 2mo


Human · 2mo

Hallo, coba tebak? Ya bener, aku masih naksir. Hehe

Human · 2mo

makan malam apa ya malam ini

Eh jujur aku juga lagi bingung mau makan apa tapi malas makan, tapi pengin taichan banget dari kemarin. Saran dari aku makan pecel ayam (laper beneran)

FY · 6 answers · 2mo

Spare me your current favorite tune, anyone? I feel a little bit bored with mine hehe

From the start - laufey, Stargazing - the poles, Swim - ADOY, For Lovers - lamp, so let's go see the stars - boynextdoor

FY · 6 answers · 2mo

Are you type of people that will take the risk or lose the chance when you're admiring or loving someone?

As coward as it is, I'm the type to lose the chance whenever I'm into someone. I was born to admire in silence, far away from them..

Jonathan · 3mo

What is your favorite time in a day?

The time before the sun sets, then the sky turns dark. To witness such amazing change in front of my eyes feels so great. Also the night time, just because I feel more like myself.

Human · 3mo

hi.... i love you

I can say that I love you too (platonically), thank you for coming into my life and make it a lot better.

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