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Curious Bee · 5mo

Hi val just wanna ask you. Are you set your eyes for someone right now?

Curious Bee · 5mo

Good day, Kak Val. Sorry I just showed up again, a little tired from today's activities. I will answer that yesterday I smiled a lot. :p Tell me, what did you do today? I want to remind you that whatever it is, you have done your best, you are super cool and I'm proud of you. Have you take your dinner, Kak?

Hey, I’m glad hearing that you did smile (well I hope it's me who paint that, at least /j) Now that is my daily reminder, likewise for you Miss Kitty may everything goes smoothly for your day!

Curious Bee · 5mo

Iqbal, albumnya nanti dijual di restoran ayam nggak?

Curious Bee · 5mo

Glad to hear that, Kak Val. I'm grateful cause you have smiled a lot today. But can I remind you that tomorrow is already Mon(ster)day :p mmm, do you want to know who I am? just call me Miss Kitty. Neway, is it okay if I often send retros like this, don't worry, kalau emang merasa nggak nyaman, kamu bisa bilang yaaaaa!

Thank you, Miss Kitty! I appreciate your reminders and the positivity you bring. Feel free to send retros like this, ngga apa apa kok. As long as we both don’t cross each other’s boundaries ya kan? So tell me, have you smiled today?

Mireee. · 5 answers · 5mo

Tell me your comfort movie, please. I need something to watch. 💭

Coba nonton Extraction! Sama The Hunger Games, I can rewatch it for god knows how many times whenever I'm feeling bored or in the mood for a binge-watch.

Curious Bee · 5mo

Howdy Vale, it's already Sunyay, I want to ask if you have smiled today? Maybe you will be surprised to see this :p but, happy Sunyay Kak Vale. Don't forget to take your foodie.

Hey, thanks a lot for checking in! Yes, I've smiled today, ahaha. I'm definitely feeling upbeat this Sunday. Have a great Sunday you too. By the way, may I ask who is this?

Curious Bee · 5mo

le lo cakep tapi lebih cakep kalau diem

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