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Frass. 2 answers 3mo

Happy weekend, guys. May I know what plans do you have for this weekend? Oh, remember to be kind to yourself as well, to hug yourself warmly, and to love yourself more than before.

Hi! Sorry for this late reply.. Happy weekend, Frass! I planned to do my task(s) and did a little cooking! How about you? Thank you so much for the kind reminder! The same goes to you too, Frass. 馃ズ馃

Who? 馃 路 3mo

hi, you're so cute

Nathaniel 7 answers 3mo

Happy val's day semuanya, ada yang masih ingat gue? gimana kabarnya? sehat-sehat apa masih juggling CA yang nggak ada Mark Leenya itu? :)

Happy {late} Valentine's day, Niel! AKU NGGAK PAHAM ISTILAH CA INI PLEASE JANGAN CIC.....

Habi 10 answers 4mo

Kalian kalau gabisa tidur ngapain ges biar ngantuk?

Aku... Pelor sih... Tiduran sambil nonton ASMR atau dengerin classical music yang nenangin, biasanya belum ada 5 menit udah ketiduran. T___T

Habi 9 answers 4mo

Top 3 fried chicken kalian apages

Sebenernya merk yang kena boikot itu K*C, but for now mungkin Richeese! Aku jarang mam fried chicken..

Who? 馃 路 4mo

Be happy, okay?

That is so kind of you. Thank you, sender. May happiness follows you around as well!

Who? 馃 路 5mo

What鈥檚 your favorite nickname someone has given you so far?

Definitely Miyung! It sounds really cute, but somehow still related to my name (Mire). 馃惥 No one ever called me Miyung before..

Who? 馃 路 5mo

How do you define love?

Love is you? ;] jokes aside, I define love as something abstract yet beautiful, something that could give you happiness but sometimes also could give you pain. Something that could turn small thing(s) into something that has a big impact on us.

Who? 馃 路 5mo

I saw your newest post. Do you set your eyes on someone right now?

Habi 7 answers 5mo

HEY WARGA! Saranin aku parfum yang baunya mirip bubblegum!

I usually don't use bubblegum scented perfume so I'm not really sure how to answer this HUHUHU minta maaf di atas materai. T___T

Karla Mireille. 3 answers 5mo

Haii mind to tell what are y鈥檃ll doing on your holidaaayy? :3 i鈥檇 love to know about that!

Aku kayaknya mau coba bikin gelang manik-manik gitu! Also spending some time with my old friends while I'm home xixixi.

Habi 6 answers 5mo

Gimana cara move on versi kalian?

Who? 馃 路 6mo

do you have your dorothea?

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