let your heart speak in the language of love and heartfelt verses! 馃摐

louvre, paris.
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whisper me romantic wishes.. 鉂わ笌


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Annya Naladhipa8mo

Gen, are you a sweet tooth or savory when it comes to comfort food?

gosh, that鈥檚 a tough one! i鈥檇 say it really depends on my mood. but if i had to pick, i lean more towards the savory side! lately, there鈥檚 nothing like a warm bowl of chicken porridge for ultimate comfort. 馃ィ

Annya Naladhipa8mo

Pspsps. Hello, pretty genevieve! How's your daaay? Anyway, lagi seneng dengerin lagu apaa nih akhir-akhir ini?

hi there, kak anya the loveliest! 鉂わ笌 my day wasn鈥檛 the best as i鈥檝e been dealing with a bit of anxiety this past week, but i鈥檓 crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be brighter for both of us! by the way, i鈥檝e had 鈥榚ither way鈥 by ive on repeat since it dropped. it鈥檚 the perfect song to put my mind at ease. kakak should give it a listen! 馃帶

Kinara C.8mo

What things that you love lately?

mind if i share someone i've been loving lately? because when i read that, park gunwook is the first thing that pops into my head. he鈥檚 taken over my heart and mind, huhu. emang pesona berondong tuh kuat banget, ya.. <///3

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