rq asked 8 months ago · 11 answers

All your current problems are solved and all your current wishes are magically fulfilled. What new problems and wishes will you have from now on?

On some days, I just wish to have never existed at all, like not even be dead just not even have been conceived. So I guess it would be hard for me, at least this current incarnation in this current dimension, to have any subsequent problems or wishes.

On other days, zero wishes would be fulfilled because I would have no hope for anything to be fulfilled and thus would wish for nothing. Maybe the problem of hopelessness would be resolved then?

For the rest of the time when I feel less depressed… I'm not really sure because my current wishes are not really clear, or not even my list of problems. But assuming the magic can figure out my real wishes from the wishes of my hopeless self, and also find and correct all my problems even if I don't really notice them, then my life won't be perfect. I guess I would find out all the new issues that my wishes caused in my own life later. I might possibly want to revert some of the wishes, kinda like how an only child wishes they had siblings and those with siblings wish they could be an only child, but not everything because how could I possibly wish to have a bad mental health again?

I guess I would reach a state where I can at least find enough energy to care about the rest of the world, and then the world's problems will become mine. So I'm fairly sure capitalism will be on the list.

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