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Cowards · 3d

As you wish, I'll leave. Thank you for your confirmation, hope you'll find someone who will love you much more than what I do right now. See you.

I hope you can find someone who will love you the way you deserve it ya. Thank you for being such a gentle and kind person. I hope all your scars can be healed, and life could be so much happier from now. See you.

Cowards · 6d

lintang, hello! you replied to my menfess but sadly you didn’t open your dm.. if its not too much to ask, can you open your dm so i can reach you out?

Sure, I already changed the setting. Thank you for reaching out to me here sender.

Oalah lagi gombal toh hahahaha cakep. Kepikiran aja sih nder hahaha. Thanks ya udah bikin senyum hari ini.

Cowards · 8d

You have stars in your eyes.

Cowards · 8d

lagi pdkt sama orang ga km

Akhir-akhir ini cuma ngobrol sama temen-temen gw doang. Why? Wanna be my special someone? Hahaha.

𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐎 · 8 answers · 4mo

What is your honest thought about Nicholas Kenzo?

I could write a whole essay for this, but all I'm gonna say is you're someone who makes me continue learning new things. It feels easy to be with you, but also feel like I could become better everyday. I'm always feel grateful for your presence Ken.

Acelin ⭐ · 6 answers · 4mo

menurut kalian cyber sekarang sepi ngga sih? karena akunku super sepii aku jadi bingung kalo mau cari temen ngobrol :<

Acelin ⭐ · 10 answers · 4mo

aku mau tauuu satu hal yang bikin kalian gampang badmood tuh apa?

Acelin ⭐ · 9 answers · 4mo

kalian punya hewan peliharaan enggaa??

Romano Vince. · 11 answers · 4mo

Can you recommend me someone to use as my pfp besides Heeseung? Someone you think would suit me.

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