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meow · 1mo

Mima, aku salah satu orang yang pernah ngirim yang kurang mengenakan ke kamu disini and I would like to apologize for that because I regretted it now. Selain minta maaf, aku cuman bisa doain semoga kamu bahagia dan sehat terus, you look prettier when you're happier!

hei! :( i always believe humans are dynamic and it’s part of growing up. it’s okaay i already forgive you, whoever you are. thank u sm for being brave to come up to me with this. it truly means a lot. semoga kitaa bisa jadi yang jauh lebih baaikk ya setelah ini!! i wish u healthy and all happiness too senderr 🤍

love, lily. · 4mo

kakak cantik may i know your thoughts on me!! 🥺

my liliiiloveee <3 paling gemas dan lucu satu semesta!!! always happy to have her stick up with me everywhere i go, and i love to see her smile whenever she with her loved ones too. semoga my lili selaluuu bahagia!!!!!!!

Jane · 10 answers · 4mo

Kindly spare your thoughts on me please I wanna hear or see something :D

the one that grew up with me 🤍 the art period herself; everything of her remind me of something melancholy, sweet-tangerine, and musky vanilla. she always told me i deserve my berry berry sweet day throughout my time, so i grant her with looots lots of sweetness that comes like her chocolate milk every day 🥺

Björn · 5 answers · 5mo

Hey, hey. What do you think of me? (Give me your honest current opinion, please.)

BABAAA all thriller and superheroes movies remind me of u 🦸🏻‍♂️ a charming friend on the go!! semoga baba selalu bisa bermaiin dengan penuh tawa dan canda di harinya :3

naomi. · 18 answers · 5mo

thoughts about nyomi? please feed my ego. 🥺♥️

my little naomi <3 selalu lucu dan menyenaaaangkan cekali. you are that ‘oh! that’s my girl!’ kind of type since you surrounded by great friends always!

meow · 5mo

If you don't mind feeding my ego... Your thoughts on Anastashia? ♥️.

my enchanting lily… my hearthy baby! you came into my life like a fairy darling tale. a woman with charming mind like a sweet-calming tea scent. happy to have our time crossed back together since day one. i micc you my love!!! always!! 🤍

ash ☆  · 4mo

You’re perfect <3 please have a nice day ahead teteh!

meow · 4mo

Genuinely asking, why someone like you still single?

Salazar Cedric · 5mo

I love you, sissy. (Real confession) (Buy 1 get me) (True love) (Sibling goals)

meow · 5mo

Hii cantik! Mau tips clear skin please 🥺

meow · 5mo

kakak, kapan open to make new friends. 😔😔 mau..... temenan..... jangan suruh follow duluan!!!! malu. >;3 btw, i hope u are doing well these days, kakak cantik! ♥︎

hii thanku sm u r so cutee:( i don’t think i’ll do it in near future but you always can befriend with me anytime okay!! may today and days forward be beautiful as you are cayang <3

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