Curiosity didn't k word the cat. I know, the cat is my cousin, it told me by itself.

Säbener Straße
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Mirror mirror on the wall


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Naradith · 31 answers · 1y

if you are (or were) into kpop, masih inget nggak dulu bias pertama kamu siapa?

Naradith · 22 answers · 1y

let's say you finally got the chance to talk to the person you have a crush on. what would you start the conversation with?

Naradith · 35 answers · 1y

kamu kalau lagi makan harus sambil nonton nggak? biasanya nonton apa?

Naradith · 33 answers · 1y

kamu bisa main latto-latto nggak?

Naradith · 32 answers · 1y

do you have a song that you know very very well to the poin you remember every single word of the lyrics?

Naradith · 18 answers · 1y

if you were to direct a romance movie, what would you name the title and what would be the major plotline?

Naradith · 15 answers · 1y

[feel free to skip this if i have asked you!]

would you rather being able to travel to any place you want for a week but the only room left for you is in the motel, OR, you could stay in the best & most expensive hotel in your town with all the services unlocked for you for a week?

Naradith · 19 answers · 1y

what is your ideal weekend morning? how would you spend it?

Naradith · 18 answers · 1y

good morning! which one do you like more, saturday morning or sunday morning?

Naradith · 25 answers · 1y

what is the one song you listened the most last month?

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