Furry, trans, enby, neurodivergent, plural. Tries to understand other people well enough to do right by them. Rambles sometimes.

US Mid-Atlantic region
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Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 8mo

if there's a woodchuck, why is there no woodcatch?

*checks etymonline*

1670s, alteration (influenced by wood (n.)) of Cree (Algonquian) otchek or Ojibwa otchig, "marten," the name subsequently transferred to the groundhog.

...well, that doesn't offer much inspiration for humor at all.

maybe we'll just say the marten is the woodcatch and call it a day.

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 8mo

what's your platonic ideal ideal?

the ... platonic ideal ... of our platonic ideals? is that what you mean?

probably this:

it's bad to harm people. it's worse to refuse to learn better.

Many · 8mo

what do you think a pico 8 cartridge would taste like?

Ooooo, that's a tricky oneeee...

...okay, so, you know how there's lots of different kinds of plastic utensils, and lots of them are extremely cheap, but some are a bit stronger and sturdier and more substantial? Not like silicone, a hard plastic. I'm gonna say it's like one of those.

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 8mo

So, PICO-8. What makes PICO-8 specifically appealing compared to others like LÖVE or pygame?

Mainly, inspiring constraints. Because PICO-8 is not very capable, it feels like a success to accomplish very simple tasks, but also:
- it's not too hard to accomplish those simple tasks (we made a countdown timer!), and
- if you really want, you can really push it (we made a polynomial interpolation function for smoothly animating motions of objects!).

(We haven't tried pygame, though - we don't actually know Python, so.)

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

is purple a shade of blue or red?

okay so we were gonna be like "sometimes its either" but I think no-longer-blue purple is probably either burgundy or pink to us? we might be wrong, we're going off a sample size of "objects in our eyeline"

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

not a question. just wanted to say that you're a great person (or a great collection of people if you'd prefer that) and that I really enjoy your stuff and whenever I see you wishing everybody good night it makes me happy. thanks 💜

collection please! we will sometimes call ourselves a sack or heap but that feels very casual in a way that would be uncomfortable from a mysterious masked inquirer. system is the formal term, which is also good

also, that's so sweet! glad we can be a positive thing in your life!

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

do you like tea, coffee, or neither? (and how do you like them, if you do?)

we've never had coffee! it's on our to-do list.

we regularly have tea, though - usually green, usually plain. black tea with jam is delicious, though!

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

How many nuns would a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nuns

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

Do you play many non-roleplaying tabletop games, like boardgames and card games? What kind?

We used to play a ton! We actually have a small collection of boardgames and card games - Carcassonne, Power Grid, Abalone, Brawl, a number of others - but, well, covid. Mostly we've been playing solitaire lately.

Many · 9mo

what's your favorite activity for a rainy day?

we don't usually go for rainy days, I think

but we do remember sitting on the screened porch as the rain fell just vibing with the atmosphere

so sitting outside but sheltered, probably

Mysterious Masked Inquirer · 9mo

What is your favourite season?

Where we live? Growing up, it was autumn - intermediate in temperatures, but relatively steady temperatures instead of the big swings of spring - but for whatever reasons, so far this year we've been enjoying the summer heat.

Xkeeper · 5y

have you considered...unpacking

but then I would be able to make use of the things I have stored inaccessible in boxes under a pile of old clothes

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