The Blossom Grove
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packbat · 2mo

what's something y'all can do now that would amaze y'all's kid selves?

oh my gosh this is an AMAZING question.

i think, honestly, it'd probably be the breadth and depth of knowledge i can infodump, but maybe also the fact that i stream to an audience and do let's play-y type content - the longer-form stream playthrough thing was really only starting when i was a kid but i'd really just be amazed then to see myself as someone who can present to an audience like all the funny youtube ppl we followed at the time

packbat · 3mo

do you think y'all'll ever play bass on stream?

oh definitely!!! probably after i start taking lessons and at least to sample it or play around with weird stuff i can do with my modular!

packbat · 3mo

y'all ever try contract bridge, the card game?

packbat · 3mo

zucchini bread (y/n)?

i haven't tried it yet! but i intend to, and i suspect there's some odds that i end up liking it!

packbat · 4mo

Speaking of eggs, do y'all find the "trans egg" concept relatable?

Honestly, yeah! I did some extremely obvious-in-retrospect trans stuff, including using my very high pitched voice pre-puberty to "trick people" on tf2 into thinking i was a girl (haha i totally wasn't i swear).

I think people run away with it a bit much sometimes, but I also think people have... Gotten their hackles up about it maybe a little too hard in retaliation? I dunno. But it's useful for me to talk about my past behavior for sure.

A Mystery Pixie · 4mo

What is the best way to prepare and eat eggs?

A Mystery Pixie · 4mo

Why are you so thiccc and Breedable?

Ooh, spicier now. It's just to entice lovely people like you, mystery pixie ✨

(And thank you again~)

A Mystery Pixie · 4mo

Why so smol and adorable?

packbat · 4mo

If it were the 1980s, y'all were computer programmers making a videogame, and y'all didn't have a dedicated composer, what out-of-copyright piece of sheet music would y'all steal to use in the game?

so i've been sitting on this for ages because, like, i honestly don't know very much classical music? so i think i'm just gonna have to say the 1812 overture and you set the cannons to a space battle

packbat · 4mo

y'all ever read World War Z by Max Brooks? we recently found a 5-disc audiobook of it in our room - it was a pretty neat epistolary novel from what we remember, all transcripts of interviews.

i have not!! i have heard of it - primarily through the movie of the same name, but also on its own as a book. i think we essentially heard of it at exactly the time at which we were utterly sick (lol) of zombie fiction, but i think nowadays it probably will hit right so i should maybe grab an audiobook myself!

packbat · 5mo

okay so: y'all remember our question from like August about what y'all's hypothetical portable game console would be like? and y'all were talking about, like, a two-screen console that can split into two halves connected by a cable? what resolution are the screens?

(this is the most Packbat question we have asked in a while)

i think they both should be 1:1 aspect ratio. so let's go with a power of 2 and say they're both 256x256

A Mystery Pixie · 5mo

opinions on clowns? (in fiction, irl... whatever gets your question answering juices going)

the Big Comfy Couch was my childhood clown exposure so now i have a mostly positive response to clowns, esp like, cute ones
i've never seen a clown irl tho. they're like cryptids to me. i hear there are blurry photos of them leaving circus tents

packbat · 6mo

y'all ever just pick up little pebbles y'all find?

i do! i have a collection of rocks and pebbles and such, and it's essentially scattered throughout my house

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