PJO Yearbook Zine showcases PJO fancontent in a yearbook-style format, evoking our nostalgia for childhood memories with the excitement of something new coming!

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Nobody · 1d

Hi I don’t know if you’ll receive this but I sent an ask about it on tumblr? I bought the full bundle but didn’t receive a digital pdf copy of the zine and wanted a follow up about that?

Hello! You should have received the digital bundle by now. If not, please email us at [email protected] so we can help out :]

Nobody · 11d

Hi guys! This project is so fun would the mods consider a volume 2 option?

Hello! Sorry, no — this project is limited to just this one run. We're glad you enjoyed the quest!

Nobody · 12d

Will there be any sales for leftovers,,,,

Hello! Sorry, hero — our prices are what they are. Sales close TODAY so don't miss out!

Nobody · 23d

hi! does the leftover zine sale include merch? i really love that percy with riptide pin, if i buy a zine with that come with it?

Absolutely! It depends on which bundle you buy, since each bundle comes with a different set of merch, but we have plenty of bundles with our linked enamel pin if you're looking for that in specific :]

Nobody · 1mo

will prices b similar 2 pos???

Super similar! This is practically the same quest — maybe with a few extra perks from the Gods this time, now that Percy's through threatening them...

Nobody · 8mo

hiya mods! would it be ok to further elaborate on the full responsibilities of a production mod? and will you be ordering merch in bulk with other zines?

Nobody · 8mo
Nobody · 8mo

Hey guys! Could you clarify why you don't ship to Brazil? I was planning on having the package delivered to a friend who lives in the US, but I want to make sure that she will be able to send it to me


As far as we know, gifts are being delivered to Brazil just fine, but consumer purchases are getting held up at customs — with some recipients getting charged more in fees than they paid for the item itself.

Sending it to your friend in the US then shipping it as a gift should work well!

Nobody · 8mo

How long will preorders last?

Nobody · 8mo

Omg I want to get one so bad! Do you know the price yet?

Nobody · 8mo

where are all the products shipped from?

Everything will ship from the USA but we do hope to make shipping prices as affordable as possible — no more than $18USD for international packages :] Less for USA or Canada!

Since our book itself is 100+ pages and quite large, it's a bit of a heavier package, but we hope to make the project as accessible as possible!

Nobody · 8mo

You can keep this private or delete / Can you check on your mod @kroalias? They haven’t been answering messages and they manage/finance/shipping for 15+ zines so people are worried

Nobody · 1y

if you don't mind me asking, what's the reason why you can't share the app numbers? i hope this isn't too insensitive and definitely respect your decision either way

Hello! Not too insensitive at all — in all honesty, the apps were incredibly competitive, & we would hate to cause hurt feelings by sharing numbers that are not a reflection on any creator's skill or hard work.

Every single applicant was amazing in their own way & we wish we could accept everyone to show off their talent!!

Nobody · 1y

Will everyone get sent an email or only if you were accepted? thank u :)

Hello! Everyone will be sent an email informing them of their application status, whether they were accepted, pinch hit, or rejected.

We'll also make an announcement on our socials once all our emails have been sent out — so check your spam & DM us if you don't receive an email, since some may get caught in the email filters! Good luck, hero!!

Nobody · 1y

just curious to know how many apps you received for each role? thank you!

We're not able to disclose role-specific numbers, but we are so grateful to have received over 275 apps total — every single one has been a pleasure to look through so thank you so much to everyone who applied!!

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