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Vanellope Chiara · 14 answers · 7mo

Cuaca kan lagi sering hujan nihh, rekomendasi dong kegiatan yg enak dilakuin sama makanan lagi dingin ginii!

When it's raining, the best thing to do is just stay put at home. Sleep, watch movies, or just chill with a good book, sipping on hot chocolate or tea. Sambil bikin indomie topping telur.

Anon · 1y

Can i have a crush on you ? We frequently talking and i fell more for you but i am really hesitate too

Sure you can. But convince yourself first, do you real have a crush on me or just an admire

Anon · 1y

Have you set your eyes on someone?

I've answered a similar question to this, and yes, I set my eyes on someone. Hope this answer your curiosity!

Anon · 1y

how to move from love at the first sight kak?!

You don't have to avoid. Simply because it's never really a love at very first sight. They say falling in love at first sight won't work, so know your feelings first. Whether it's falling in “love”, or just admiring. Cheer up!

Anon · 1y

idk since when but i think i have a crush on you. it is okay? 🥺

That’s fine, your feeling are valid. Because we don't choose who we fall in love with, it simply happens. But I’m sorry, I already have my eyes set on someone.

Anon · 1y

Do you set your eyes on someone lately?

Hello, yes, I do. I set my eyes on someone lately, but honestly I still hesitant about my own feeling.

Kae❗ · 1y

kak nathan, ntar malem bisa mabal nggak? kalo enggak ya nggak apa sih, cuman nanya

Anon · 1y

aftie ka nathan! can u recommend me some song??

Anon · 1y

she is sending you all the love in her heart ♡

Delphine · 9 answers · 1y

Guys, kalian tim percaya semua orang baik apa semua orang jahat?

Anon · 1y

may i know whats ur type kak?

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