cute fat girl answering questions about whatever

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Anonymous · 6mo

What is a leash but another way of keeping a balloon from floating away?

Danganplumpap · 6mo

If you could import one aspect of kink into irl with no consequences, what would it be?

I feel like I could get a lot done by simply making Wonka and his factory real. The reality of kinksters has not stopped the development of three-course gum.

Anonymous · 6mo

Would you rather be super fat, like bed sized, or a blueberry?

Both are sooo enticing 🥵 But I’d have to pick blueberry! The limited mobility from rolling, plus the potential for other experiences with juicing and the aftermath are just irresistible 🥰

Anonymous · 10mo

One of those teasing perspectives, but the one in charge is the berry, not the roller. Good role swap.

Anonymous · 10mo

Best part of being fat

tbh is is more of a general body acceptance thing, but just being cool with my figure and finding myself sexy! the softness definitely is a plus tho

Anonymous · 11mo

Top 3 games! Whatcha playing, gamer?

GAMER?!? Nah, you’re right.
Top 3
Outer Wilds
Night in the Woods
Though there are plenty of games that could swap into those spots depending on my mood. I just finished TotK, and I’m just starting Xenoblade Chronicles!

Danganplumpap · 11mo

If you were to theoretically own your own factory, what matter of whimsical creatures are you populating it with in terms of workforce?

I am happy to accept any staff, and I will be voluntarily recognizing their union day one. Solidarity forever!

Anonymous · 11mo

Thoughts on belches/farts?~

Burps are hot, farts aren’t my thing but aren’t like a negative for me until they’re like, the main point of the thing.

Anonymous · 11mo

What would be your ideal weight?

At a lil over 300 pounds, I am admittedly pretty content! Realistically I don’t think I’d want to go over 400, but really my ideal weight is one where I’m happy and comfortable!

Anonymous · 11mo

What is THE number 1 ice cream flavor for you? 🍨

Anonymous · 11mo

If you could will one ability that the human body can't perform because kinks are normally impossible irl, what would that ability be?

There are a lot of interesting answers for this for each of my kinks, but I’m gonna go with the type of instant gaining you see in some wg sequences! Just the idea of getting so fat off a single meal is uhhhh really hot 😅

Danganplumpap · 11mo

What do you think is the ideal size for inflation?

Personally, I like it getting to the point of room filling! Tho certain settings like factories can stretch the defininition of room filling. 🤭

Anonymous · 11mo

What's your go-to cocktail?

Cuba Libre! Rum and coke with a hint of lime. 💕 Though if I’m feeling fancy and have the ingredients, I love a nice Painkiller!

Anonymous · 11mo

What's your favorite type of expansion other than weight gain or blueberry, Darling?

Ooooooh, I think i’d have to go with air inflation! Being as light as a feather yet still so big? Or just laying atop someone that big? Gosh~

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