Please speak to me with love in your words

Yamagata, 1966
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the winter bird · 10mo

Ini beneran boleh kirim CV ATS gak? If you already have set your eyes on someone, I won’t go any further. 🤙🏻 (pinky promise)

Beneran, dong. Did I seem like I was joking! Come. You need to be punctual to your HR appointment, no? 🤓

the winter bird · 10mo

Still the same sender, so how do I apply to top you?

Benjamin · 5 answers · 11mo

udah lama gak menyapa, gimana kabarnya?

Abang liat muka aku dalam-dalam terus coba jawab sendiri kira-kira gimana kabar aku

the winter bird · 11mo

Maaf ya, eng-nya agak berantakan. And a yes? I would love to and waiting for that, cutie.

Ah, but for now, I'm still a coward and don't have have the courage to approach you from my account. That's why I'm sending my words here. Where should I hit you up instead?

Hey, no apology needed! I have KakaoTalk, but I don’t really wanna disclose my ID here... So, you can HMU using my open chat instead: We can add each other’s KKTs later.

the winter bird · 11mo

Well it's kinda late, but that's fine because I'm still here with the same feeling, dear. Then, Can I ask your permission to get closer to you?

Ah btw, gak ada yang salah sama Taurus ya. You're georgeus just the way you are.

I’M SORRRYYYYY will you accept an apology in the form of a cute 🧜🏻‍♂️ merbaby 🧜🏻‍♂️ video? Also, yes, I give you the permission to! (Tbh I know nothing about astrology, asbun aja Taurus-Taurusnya ‹,𝟹)

the winter bird · 11mo

Hi, do you currently set your eyes on someone? Can I have a crush on you?

Hi, I’m sorry for the tardy reply. It’s probably a little too late, but anyways. No, I don’t have anyone at the moment. Tapi emangnya gapapa yah naksir sama Taurus Mei?

the winter bird · 11mo

Hey, Callen? Check your dm request from me?

the winter bird · 12mo

Consider me your secret admirer

the winter bird · 12mo

The winter bird?

the winter bird · 12mo

Lemes kenapa

Nggak tau ya kenapa hari ini kayak capek banget. Saran kegiatan biar nggak lemes?

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