gay lion online

vantaa (mentally and literally)
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ask me anything! about movies, literature, my creative projects, furry visual novels, etc


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fateful stranger · 1d

Thoughts on Von Lycaon and Ben Bigger?

fateful stranger · 1d

What’s your favorite movie OST?

some i particularly enjoy are the ones from MANDY, DECISION TO LEAVE, UNDER THE SKIN, uhhh BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW also

fateful stranger · 2d

Who does the character art for The White Tigers?

the concept art for the character reveals is by triviaboy94, the project's reclusive background/etc artist (who previously did an illustration for THE OTHER ISLAND). as for the game itself, we do intend to recruit a third person for in-game character art, i just need to get some work done on another project first

fateful stranger · 10d

Absolute garbage movie that you'd still recommend?

fateful stranger · 10d

I'm behind you (urgent)

i was going to wait for like a week to respond but maybe that's too much effort for this bit. thanks though

fateful stranger · 23d

please tell me how all the routes end

fateful stranger · 28d

Did you find it challenging to have nameable characters in the Finnish version of the VN since the suffixes in noun cases can be different depending on the name? For example in genetive case: Sipoo > Sipoon (no changes), Dom > Domin (extra "i"), or Helsinki > Helsingin ("k" changes to "g").

yes, it was a consideration, since the custom nickname chosen by the player could only be used in the nominative case. iirc there were like a couple of lines that had to be written specifically to not use other cases; it's not something that comes up all the time, as names are not used that often in dialogue anyway

fateful stranger · 1mo

Least favorite films?

fateful stranger · 1mo

How many installments do you have planned for your story that you’ve set in The Other Island?

it's going to be one big, serially released VN, which will include THE OTHER ISLAND as a side story

fateful stranger · 1mo

Do you have brain worms and if so can you share them?

i think you can get most of them by watching MADAME WEB (2024) dir. S.J. Clarkson

fateful stranger · 1mo

I challenge you! Draw us a lion using ms paint.

i will do this... need to find an .exe first bc i'm on linux, though, i think there were some for the windows xp version floating around

fateful stranger · 1mo

What’s Finland like this time of year?

alternates between "just slightly too hot for comfort, the lack of widespread air conditioning & houses being built to trap heat considered" and "oh it's raining all the time" (i do not enjoy this season)

fateful stranger · 1mo

Do you think Jean Sibelius was a furry? Y/N

fateful stranger · 1mo

What’s your favorite American(tm) food?

you know what, i think the classic Burger is actually a pretty nice thing to eat, all things considered. the biggest issue is that the fake meat patties all the chain restaurants use suck on a mind-blowing level

fateful stranger · 1mo

Would you ever give in to temptation and draw dick?

this... this is phrased as if i was already known for posting art online? more like, would you give in to temptation and draw

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