fateful stranger · 4mo

What is your comfort game?

i was initially going to say "i don't have one" because i'm not really an obsessive replayer/rewatcher/rereader/etc of anything, but here's some that might qualify:

  • NIGHT IN THE WOODS more than anything else, probably. i get the urge to replay it pretty much every autumn. it's cozy in a desolate, melancholic way i often feel myself gravitating towards in stories, and the setting is realized with such a great atmosphere and attention to detail. there is also something very interesting and emotionally resonant in how the character drama always has a slight tension to it and how the game is about growing apart and letting go as much as it's about hanging out and having fun with your friends

  • i have been playing the gen III pokemon games a lot while testing my randomizer (https://github.com/purkkafi/pokegen). they're in that nice spot where i'm so familiar with the core gameplay and the maps that doing a new run is relaxing fun, but the randomizer (and playing with nuzlocke rules to get some semblance of challenge) keeps it fresh and interesting

  • as for FVN stuff, probably, uhh.... ECHO and IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. i don't think there is much literal comfort in either (ECHO being, you know, ECHO, and ICOE being so deeply sad even through its farcial tone), but they're both texts i enjoy revisiting and thinking about a lot

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