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Anonymous Coward · 17d

Hi.. kind of curious about your opinion regarding this matter: what do you think if someone or perhaps in this case, your partner, gets all possessive and down bad towards you, would you like that kind of stuff? If yes why, and also if no, why?

Hoping you are doing and feeling well over there. This is.. me, by the way and just wanted to tell you, always choose that ice coffee instead of jumping off the building, alright? The latter definitely not recommended no matter how tempting it is.

Anonymous Coward · 18d

Haha, fair point! I can see how talking about experiences with a Swiftie might come off as a bit... specific. So, how about you show yourself? Do you want me to reach out to you first? I can make the first move if you want. But honestly, why would you want to have a date with me? Because, to be honest, I wouldn't even date myself.

Alright, I'll keep that in mind. I'll make the friendship CV as soon as possible; I just need to find some time to socialize since I'm feeling drained these days. My offer still stands, though. I can reach out to you first. Just inbox me your username.

Anonymous Coward · 18d

I am the sender who asked about your day, who called you handsome. I found you attractive the day I met you, Rick. But I never got to make a move.

First of all, sorry for the tardiness reply. I'm feeling a little bit drained these days, but I really appreciate you sending me this. It's nice to know someone out there noticed me. However, I'm currently not in the state to have any relationship at the moment, but I'm always up for friendship if you want to. So, don't hesitate to reach me out. Or do leave your username on my inbox, I'll reach you out first. Thank you anyway 🙌

Anonymous Coward · 18d

That is a relatively mainstream song to be given to a crush so of course, I am well-aware it is definitely not your first time nor I am the person person who gave you that. Unless you are expecting another song?

I am definitely not your mutual, I guess that is obvious. From your own description about me, do you think that kind of person is common or you only ever saw it in few people? Because if it is the latter then.. that narrows it down, right?

Anonymous Coward · 18d

Well in that case, hoping this will mark the chapter of you starting new experience like what you said earlier. https://shortifyme.co/pfEdD

The thing is, I didn't even plan to stand out or be unique because I'm guessing my presence alone is already one or might rather shock you once you find out who I am. The question is, will that be a problem?

Well, sadly to say you are not the first person who gave me that song so 🤔 but I’m curious to see where this new chapter leads. As for your presence, you’ve already got my attention. I guess the only way to find out if it’s a problem is to take the plunge and see. So, any hints about who you might be, or do I have to keep guessing?

Anonymous Coward · 19d

Did a certain Swiftie associate you with some songs about a redflag or something? Rather understandable if you feel that way, to be honest. I must say I'm impressed, almost thinking you actually knew me.. despite having bunch of admirers fighting for your attention, should I compete then?

Sending this on 3 in the morning? Haha, something like that. Let's just say my experience with Swifties left a few memorable impressions 🙂🙌 but hey, I'm open to new experiences. As for admirers, I don't know I never been in this position before... So I don't know really, are you planning to stand out in a unique way though?

Anonymous Coward · 19d

My day was good, thanks for asking. If I may ask, what's that favorite movie of yours that you watched? Also, seems like you have a little birdie conversing with you right here. Do you think I still have a chance, Rick?

Anonymous Coward · 19d

If I am just like what you described, would that type of person tickle your fancy? Or perhaps, let me know what type that will do?

Well, if you are just like what I described, then you definitely have my attention. Maybe except the Swiftie part because I really had a bad experience with Swifties, but I can make an exception later. Talking about my type... I don't really have any specific type, but I fancy someone who is genuine, fun to talk to, and isn’t afraid to be themselves (I can't say anything really, because I don't really have a type back again it's all about connection). So, do you fit the bill?

Anonymous Coward · 19d

What about.. you try to picture how I might look like, am I a girl or a boy, or perhaps what do you have in mind when you got all these from me? Now that will be fun.

Alright, challenge accepted. Let’s see... based on our conversations, I picture you as someone with a great sense of humor and a knack for keeping things interesting (I bet your timeline are full with your asbun tweets or even just a regular thing like you talking about your favorites). You seem like 95% a yapper, and I can picture you being a Swiftie who also loves to read an English literature books. Are you a Bridgerton fan by any chance? Because you surely are (ini ngasal banget) 🙂🙌 tapi semoga benar

Anonymous Coward · 19d

Thought a little hide and seek might be fun, don't you think? Also.. what is exactly the kind of person that might surprise you? A little hint or sneak peak will be interest me more.

I like the sound of that! As for the kind of person who might surprise me, I guess I don't really have any hints or sneak peak because I think it's all about the connection. And I believe the best surprises come out of nowhere. But hey, surprises are meant to be unexpected, right? Now, tell me about you

Anonymous Coward · 20d

Should I? Then I'll be one of the collections of people who are interested in you but you wouldn't date.. is that right? Or maybe I'll keep you curious enough like this.

Oh, I see how it is. Keeping me curious, huh? I guess that’s fair. The mystery adds a bit of excitement, don’t you think? And who said I wouldn't date? Maybe I’m just waiting for the right person to surprise me. So, what’s your next move?

Anonymous Coward · 20d

How's your day, handsome?

Honestly, I slept most of the day, so it's been pretty relaxing. I did manage to rewatch one of my favorite movie, which made the day even better. Sometimes a lazy day is exactly what you need. How about you? How's your day going?

Anonymous Coward · 20d

What caught your interest lately?

Lately, I've been really into this TV show called The Boys. I love the storyline and the character development—it's so different from other superhero shows. The dark humor and unexpected twists keep me hooked. Have you seen it or have any shows you're currently into?

Anonymous Coward · 20d

Well, you just happened to randomly show up on my screen so I am curious, also this is my first time doing this to someone so it's kind of.. awkward, to say the least.

Hey, no worries! I appreciate your honesty. It's kind of flattering to know I randomly caught your interest. It's natural to feel a bit awkward, especially if it's your first time reaching out like this. Are you planning to show up though? Because I rarely opened my retrospring account

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