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A Stranger 路 2mo

Have you ever been to Venezuela?

A Stranger 路 2mo

Why do people climb mountains?

A Stranger 路 2mo

What is the worst thing ever?

A Stranger 路 2mo

What is your favourite type of cheese?

Jase 10 answers 2mo

Apa hal yang selama ini hal yang kalian merasa gak terlalu berharga tapi semakin berjalannya waktu kalian merasa kalau hal tersebut berharga?

Waktu, tapi dari dulu udah tau waktu itu berharga cuman sekarang lebih berasa aja berharganya gitu

Saint Lady 5 answers 2mo

Ikutan oomf, mind to tell me your thoughts on this user? (You'll get yours in return)

Lady ini udah basi tp gapapa ya馃様 Kita ngobrol gak banyaak bgt jadi kita harus ngobrol lebih banyak lagi. Like your name you鈥檙e very lady-like, seemed elegant sometimes, very soft and feminine!

Jase 12 answers 3mo

Tell me your opinion about Jase!

Jase! Lama gak ngobrol, i think we met from a closed agency which I honestly can鈥檛 remember when too, so sorry. But you seemed like a chill guy, friendly and cool!

Jase 9 answers 3mo

Top 3 songs that make you feel like you are the main character of a movie

Instead of feeling like a main character, i鈥檒l answer the ones that makes me feel like it鈥檚 a movie scene.

  1. Dane Amar, Jereena Montemayor - Green Tea & Honey (feels like i鈥檓 in an opening scene of a movie where they shot a cafe in a cold autumn)
  2. Sam Wills, Honey Mooncie - Traingazing (Reminds me to some scenes where the characters are falling for each other at a first sight in a train, so romantic)
  3. Bruno Major - Regent鈥檚 Park (It鈥檚 like a movie where you鈥檙e alone, the specified scene would be the MC sitting alone on a crowded park on a summer. Trying to figure out things by herself. A movie about loneliness perhaps?)
Jase 12 answers 3mo

Tell me 3 songs that make you feel like you are in love.

Tatiana 5 answers 4mo

can u give me ur makeup recs? esp gloss and lipliner #girlism

Seraphine Emerald. 13 answers 4mo

hai temen-temen, saran film dong? genrenya bebas dan boleh dari negara mana aja.

terima kasih!

Kemaren habis nonton the impossible, film disaster gitu taun 2012 tentang tsunami 2004 di asia!

Seraphine Emerald. 18 answers 4mo

Kalau ngantuk enaknya ngapain?

A. Makan
B. Lanjut binge-watching Drakor/Series

Maverick Anderson. 8 answers 5mo

Lagi apa, sayang-sayangku?

Jiakh dipanggil sayang ama acel 馃き Lagi merenung memikirin masa depan bengong

Jase 5 answers 5mo

What鈥檚 your favorite fictional character of all time?

I love to associate myself with Elizabeth Bennet, nothing in particular. She鈥檚 not like me we have nothing in common, but i just like her sassines towards mr darcy hehe

Seraphine Emerald. 9 answers 5mo

temen-temen, saran film yang ada di aplikasi N Merah atau D Biru dong? timakacih!

Kalo di aplikasi N ada Love at First Sight itu lucu banget, kalo D aku udah lama ga buka soalnya udah gak langganan jd gatau :((

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