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he/they/xe • plural theriankin • profic artist • neurodivergent trauma survivor 🌈 ally to all • PFP: @g0reskin

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anon pup · 9mo

Are there any styles or subjects that you'd like to see more of in erotic art?

Ooo good question! Not sure honestly. I personally would just like to draw both more gore/dark and horror themes and also draw more soft/baby pastel themes. I like such a huge range of kinks and styles that I can’t say there is any particular I’d like to see more except EVERYTHING.

Steak · 1 answer · 10mo

Got any art suggestions for me?

Hey!!! Friend :3 umm what about some bugs? Bug impregnation or oviposition!!! 🐛 🪱 🐜 🥚

anon pup · 12mo

i fantasize about someone forcing me to jerk off to snuff and rape and calling me a good boy until i start liking it

fjdksjsk yeah yeah this 100% corruption especially with dark stuff is a big kink of mine too. Thanks for sharing, fellow snuff liker.

anon pup · 12mo

kink: infestation 🥴🥴

anon pup · 12mo

just wanted to say you're very hot and i love your energy

anon pup · 12mo

Hecc since everyone else is spilling their desires lately... I'm like really... really into unbirthing. Something about being stuffed into another's womb and being held there all soff an comfy an ajskdlfjl;as =w=

Nice nice, I enjoy the idea of it too, especially with some large sexy dragoness ooo yes please gimme that cloaca mommy.

anon pup · 12mo

Sheath fucking, especially human x feral or age diff, just sheath in general are my favorite

anon pup · 12mo

Man even just telling you about sniffing and you agreeing has made me so horny 🥺 I can't believe I forgot cock/sheath sniffing too though. Currently fantasizing about human/anthro getting all worked up sniffing feral cock and butt

I am glad you are able to talk about a kink openly! I always love hearing other’s interests ^^ I like musk a lot, didn’t even realize how much until my partner would shove my muzzle into their crotch and it was nearly intoxicating 😮‍💨

Steak · 12mo

I really like imagining bugs crawling into wombs and then laying their eggs so that later they're born inside and crawl out!

YES I really like bug and oviposition stuff 0 w 0 🐛 I have thought about buying this egg laying sex toy that deposits silicone eggs in you and ohhohoh boy.

anon pup · 12mo

honestly anything involving the butthole is godlike. That and anatomically correct genitalia. cause you cant beat what nature perfected x3

‘Anything involving the butthole’ - truer words were never spoken.
Agreed. I love ‘weird’ correct anatomy too. Like slits, cloacas, weird penises etc.

anon pup · 12mo

mine is like.. creature/human noncon where the person starts out fighting it, but because of pheromones, good ol mindbreak or something they turn into nothing but a needy hole in need of filling 🥴 absolutely obsessed with their aggressor 🥴🥴bonus points if the creature in question is like genuinely disgusting, rotting or something and wouldn't be desirable otherwise. i am crazy about that shit! the concept has had me in chokehold for years!!

YES YES good shit right there. Love me some monstercon. I think watching Aliens as a kid and other scifi/horror gave me some really early fetishes for the same. Good taste 👅

anon pup · 12mo

Are people interested in very masc werewolf genderqueer girlfriends? UwU

anon pup · 12mo

Who's a good boy?
Who's the best boy???
It's you! That's right!
You're such a good boy!!!
You do so good all the time and I'm gonna give you so many pets! Such a good good boy!

IT’S ME!! wags tail I’m a good boy :3 idk who this is but this made me smile SO much, thank you!! 🐾🥰

Kay · 12mo

Honestly, one that has always been a personal favorite of mine is infection. A virus that slowly turns people into sex hungry addicts. A species that invades people's minds and bodies to transform them into something else. An infectious seed that spreads and corrupts and changes and perverts until it's ready to move onto the next person when it spreads again. Eventually the whole world will be infected. Eventually the whole world will be infected.

YES YES. I am personally a really big fan of parasite/host stuff or alien oviposition, while not exactly the same concept it has similar themes and I really like this idea too! Mixing any sort of horror/sci fi with erotica is a big win.

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