[REDACTED] asked 12 months ago

wishing the happiest of birthdays to you! i'm just a humble lurker but i love your art so much. your style is really comforting to me and the bits and pieces of story you've dropped are so amazing, everything you do leaves me always so fascinated by your mind. thank you for being here and sharing what you do!

ahhh this is the sweetest message ever 🥺💕 i appreciate it so much. all i want as an artist is create little pockets of intimacy you can escape into and be your true self, weird and vulnerable and difficult, and still be loved FOR it, not in spite of it. i'm glad it is able to bring you comfort. you can stop by whenever you want 🫂

i'm also so excited to share more about my ocs and ocverse... i think they are really compelling and honest characters, not in their behavior but in the way their motivations and failings reflect real life and shape the characters around them. most of the actual stories do sex for plot and imply as needed so they function more as sci-fantasy dramas and i hope to focus on the intimacy of the moments shared between the individual characters as opposed to strictly what is happening between or around them. i think you'll really like it.

sorry to ramble, i really appreciate your kind words 🥲❤️ i feel a deep need to reclaim the soft and safe and comfortable and i'm glad that is able to shine through my art. i'm going to keep working hard to make it even shinier 💪😮‍💨

(also you specifically get one art request and it will be at the top of my "when i get around to it" list ❤️)

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