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a cheap and cheerful wage slave to the eden university wife factory

planet darby
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[redacted] asked 4 days ago

What was your first OC?

my first oc was a gijinka of my neopet 😭 he was an aisha named hishao and i used to draw comics in a composition notebook where he would have adventures doing whatever i was interested in at the time, lightsabers and harry potter wands and all. i don't remember anything about his personality except being too cool to flirt with 😎 but overall very cute and generic little kid stories.

thank you for helping me remember! i had totally forgotten. i think i still have them somewhere, i'll take a look and if i can find them i might put them up somewhere 💕

[redacted] asked 9 days ago

wishing the happiest of birthdays to you! i'm just a humble lurker but i love your art so much. your style is really comforting to me and the bits and pieces of story you've dropped are so amazing, everything you do leaves me always so fascinated by your mind. thank you for being here and sharing what you do!

[redacted] asked 9 days ago

happy happy birthday!! hope u have a great day

tysm 😭💕 honestly it has been a bit boring, just another day at work but a client bought me curry for lunch 😋

puppy 🌈 asked 22 days ago

When did you first start drawing kink art? :3

very very early. i was born freaky and experimented a lot with art growing up. most of it i didn't really understand as sexual at the time, like little micro vore drawings on the chalkboard during lunch in grade school, but i distinctly remember figuring my shit out in mspaint between neopets games and drawing the shadow queen from paper mario ttyd with massive hooters. none of it was vanilla.

Steak asked 29 days ago

My day was ok, but lately, I feel tired after work! Not sure why.

i work outside and it's been summer hot so i hear you

[redacted] asked 29 days ago

What's your favorite video games?

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