Mallory V
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So, what did the little birdie told you?


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Marie's lil duckie · 3mo

I'm actually curious about houses in astrology.. seen it on my chart but never understand it before. Jelasin Mar

AAAH YEAH houses r fun to learn about tapi INI PANJANG BGT mau dibikin thread aja kah..

Marie's lil duckie · 3mo

sebenernya ngeliat cocok apa gak sama pasangan gimana sih? kaya bisa aja sama orang sign A cocok tapi ketemu sign A lain eh gak cocok. liatnya dari mana sih

Marie's lil duckie · 4mo

Mary, if you don't me asking, have you set your eyes on someone? P.S: your cookies looks really good! P.S.S: (bukan klub sepak bola) I think you're so funny and also pretty.

Marie's lil duckie · 5mo

Mar, kangen. Muncul dong

Zoi · 11 answers · 5mo

Give me one reason to visit your city

The food!! Mungkin gak sebervariasi kota-kota besar lainnya tapi MURAH and I love how you can get traditional Javanese food or just any kind of viral shit or just good western food. Banyak banget makanan enaknya!!

Zoi · 14 answers · 5mo

Your never get bored snack?

Alrik · 5mo

Kalo masak nasi goreng pake bumbu simpel atau harus yang ngulek bawang dll?

Aku sukanya nasgor Chinese yg gak pake kecap gt sih.. jadi cuma potongin (atau pakai food processor kalau males) bawang puting sama daun bawang. Tumis sampai harum, masukin telur, terus nasi, terus saos tiram sama minyak wijen, bumbuin garem dikit. Udah deh!

Alrik · 5mo

What’s your comfort food yang gak peduli pagi siang malem, panas hujan, you’ll eat it wholeheartedly?

I would say anything that has sugar in it... call me Princess Bubblegum and I am made of sugar and I will eat my candy people

samsara · 2 answers · 5mo

What is The One Food you’ll never get tired of? If you could only eat this food for the rest of your mortal life, what would it be?

Kimukatsu REAL I could eat Kimukatsu until I die. Nikahan? Kimukatsu. Anak gw lahiran? Kimukatsu. Gw meninggal? Nasi box Kimukastsu. SEMUANYAAAA KIMUKATSU

I, · 5mo

Si cantik Marie apa kabar?

I, · 5mo

In your opinion, what sign will work out well dating someone of the same sign?

honestly, I think that totally depends on the people, but! I'd share this: date someone with the same moon sign with you, but on their rising sun. e.g, I'm Cancer moon, I'd date Cancer rising. because Moon represents how we treat ourselves and rising represents how we treat others.

in this case, they'd treat you like you treat yourself, they'd understand and relate to your feelings more. I've seen this before on couples and confirmed by them!!

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