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wishin u have a nice day


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catto · 3mo

izin abang idola panutan ini 🔥😘
soon to be closed agency @flameslik hadir menyapa sepuh-sepuh di desa cyber🫡
mohon retweetnya bang idolaaa, jangan kasih longgar king🕺
rispekk buat semua, kelas abangda kalau kasih paham ke desa cyber 🔥

· 11 answers · 3mo

How’s @fayitale through your lens?

my comfort person, a bright bubble under sunlight that'll make you smile and happy.

Gienka. · 5mo

thoughts on gienkaa

i always find you’re a cool person hei karena you can be friendly, chic, and funny at the same time kyk everyone would be happily be friend with you karena se-warm and se-easy going itu. happi i could be one of your closest one uwu. 🤍

🥨 · 7mo

thoughts on gia! 🥹

my comfort person! you are real and loyal, fun and trusted to talk with. you can keep low maintenance friendship (which why we vibes me thinks) andddd love how you can craft things beautifully. love u sm mwa

catto · 7mo

hi sara tweet km yg anniv itu kebetulan lewat tl akunku yg gak followan sm km :o trs.. aku cm mau bilang HAPPY ANNIV YA SARA & RON!! i really adore you dr pertama kt main ca bareng trs mutualan di cyber hey km kalem bgt bawaannya sampe mikir km krystal OG ish hahaha beneran pokoknya i love your presence :3 dan pastinya langgeng trs ya sara & ron!! pokoknya only ron & happiness yg boleh peluk sara 😹🫶

aaa thankiu so much u’re so kind!!! didn’t expect to get all these compliments hiks you must be one of a kind. makasih doanya sekali lagi. i hope we can stay friends! stay happy and healthy org baik. <3

catto · 9mo

Kok langgeng

catto · 8mo

hi sara! can you lend us a help to promote our new upcoming agency @rapid__eye? we would be very grateful. thank you!

· 9mo

Lagi suka nonton apaa

🍍 · 10mo

teh saaraaaaa ♡⁠˖ gimana harinyaa?

catto · 1y

I'm so lucky to have you, thank you for coming into my life ♥️

Julianne · 46 answers · 1y

just checking up on you guys, how are u feeling?

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