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bruce asked 3 days ago

Siapa nama proklamator tunisia

👤 asked 3 days ago

Lotta ada recs buku football ga?

done! 🫶 please check out my latest tweet and look forward for the other recs, I will post them soon!

👤 asked 11 days ago

Books you consider overrated?

overrated is rather tough word, because everyone has their own enjoyment regarding book and it could make an unpleasant feeling. however, if you asked me I think it would be it ends with us, the hating game, beach read.. simply because I did not feel connected to those books in the most way I expected. and I did not receive enjoyment while reading 'em. but, that is only on mine.

Caca asked 12 days ago

Hi <3

👤 asked 11 days ago

books that you dnf

Den Of Vipers. I have no idea how people could finish the book, but I probably would try another go to read it.

👤 asked 11 days ago

Cara hari" ini jarang update buku nihh

hehehe, lagi sibuk jadi fokusnya ke kerjaan. tapi tetap berusaha buat update reading journey meskipun gak segiat dulu. 😔

Varun. asked about 1 month ago · 3 answers

Describe me in the most brutal and honest way, please?

I like talking to you, because it is simply fun as the conversation is placed just well. you were friendly in the first meet, and still are. I enjoy your company most of the time. at times, you act so kiddy but that is understandable as your heart is a free will. you are talented and super damn creative, I like seeing your contents around. the generous person around that absolutely everyone loves to keep.

Shel asked 2 months ago · 8 answers

Suggest me your comfort sitcom to watch, please!

friends & brooklyn 99. they always been my favorites. 🫶

Max asked 25 days ago · 7 answers

Can you please give me short or long impressions about me :3

you are the kind of good friend. you always seek and want the best for everyone around you, and you have that big heart. I always think you are cool; the one that perhaps shakes anyone's ground. I like the way you decipher your thoughts. you opinions, comments of a movie that you watch. how you engage in a conversation with the fellas. having you around gives me exciting feeling.

Shel asked 13 days ago · 10 answers

Shoot your theme song for this weekend!

👤 asked about 1 month ago

Kamu masih sama Rey?

Eleanor☆ asked about 2 months ago · 13 answers

Naksir orang tuh akal akalan siapa sih!

theo asked about 2 months ago · 11 answers

pacaran akal-akalan siapa?

Varun. asked about 2 months ago · 3 answers

Mention 5 first things you do to start your day right.

30 minutes no phone after waking up, getting under the sun, praying, have a cold bath, and hit the gym. but, a cup of coffee always makes my day perfect.

Kiara Jenna Armora. asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

What's the best way to cope with noisy thoughts in your head?

I like making herbal teas when I feel anxious. light up scented candle, write down something in a paper to pour out your emotions. or you can put headphone/headset whichever you are used with to mute the intrusive thoughts

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