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Strangers. · 4mo

how to read the articles without subscribing :(

Tatiana · 4 answers · 7mo

Suggest me products to get rid back acne please. tia. 🤍

Strangers. · 5mo

How are you doing Lotta?

Strangers. · 5mo

Books that you are excited to read this year?

Into The Dark, Funny Story, Love Redesigned, This Could Be Us and probably some more in the future. :)

Strangers. · 5mo

Aside from book, hobi apa yang teteh tekuni sekarang

nonton basket, hehe. and binge watching some dramas, journaling, decluttering bahkan laundry juga bisa jadi option, eh.

Strangers. · 5mo

Lotta tau ga link zlibrary yg terbaru yg mana? Aku lupa :(

hi! aku kurang tau update link terbaru, bisa dm aku ya. open dm for public jugaan.

Strangers. · 6mo

Missing mommy a little bit too much (L)

miss you too, darling. I haven't talked to you like in ages, and I hope soon we can catch up each other. please take care of yourself. ♡

Tatiana · 5 answers · 5mo

can u give me ur makeup recs? esp gloss and lipliner #girlism

for gloss I will suggest between syca, maybelline, or blp. but I like syca more tbh karena gak bikin kering. but mayblline finishnya cantik.

Strangers. · 5mo

Warriors being a biggest losers of this season tho

M A X · 6mo

Sebutkan 3 film yang buat kamu jadi self-reflect

lumayan bingung jawabnya, tapi untuk jawaban ini: Eat Pray Love, The Pursuit of Happyness, Into The Wild.

Strangers. · 6mo

Lotta hello! I just want to say your page is delightful and it motivated me

hi! that is very nice of you and I hope my page keep continuing to motivate you! your remarks surely made my day, appreciate it. 🤍

Strangers. · 6mo

Non-negotiable habits in your life?

drink vitamin once in a day, 2 liters water, making bed, always eat veggies and fruit for every single day, skincare, read a book even just 10 pages, ice coffee twice or thrice in a week.

Strangers. · 6mo

You guys break up?

I think question like this should be kept to yourself when you (maybe) are not close with me. that is all my answer.

Strangers. · 6mo

What does your life look like on work days?

for now waking up at 5 for food preparation, making bed, reviewing or simply reading for 10 minutes before going to work at 7 until 4pm. sometimes I tutor kids at the evening (by request sih). coming home just for reading, eating, resting, editing, watching or just playing on internet.

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