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What will your VN be about?

Still ironing a lot out, but to speak a bit in brief about iiit...

It'll be about magicians! Five hundred years prior to when the first of these VNs'll take place, a cataclysm shattered humanity at its (somewhat literal) height. It resulted in the world being split into two halves, separated by a streak of black mana-eating miasma known the Stain that stretches across the equator. The northern hemisphere is where most of the magic-capable survivors relocated, anchoring a remnant of their civilization to a mountain and eventually styling it as the world's first and last magic academy city. It's there that magically-talented children and their families get whisked away to, saving them from their likely squalor in the ragged world below, where there are very few thriving towns. Very few in the northern hemisphere knows that their world was ravaged by a cataclysm, believing that it was simply always like this. The powers that be work tooth and nail to continue suppressing and burying the truth, taking more and more magically gifted into the city and watching over them like hawks, ready to punish anyone they catch that'd threaten the status quo they've painstakingly crafted for themself.

What I have planned to kick things off is just following a girl in the northern half that's always wanted to be a magician ever since she was saved by one when she almost drowned as a child. She'll find that things aren't as they seemed or as they were promised once she does make it to the academy city, and things might go off the rails before too long. Still keeping a lot of the fine details to myself, though.

On the southern hemisphere, there's a more distinct flavor of "nature is healing". Here, the people are aware of their history and their predecessor's faults, striving every day to make the best of what they have and do better. Instead of one concentrated city-state, society's more spread out evenly into towns and villages with a well-developed road network between all of them. Here, the land is similarly bereft of mana and magical births are rare, with any one recognized being treasured cherished by the people around them as a miracle who will then create miracles. They're first apprenticed to a more experienced magician to obtain learning and experience, and then are set off to wander the land, help those in need, and search for nature spirits to make pacts with to help restore the flow of mana to the land. All the while they're accompanied by a Knight, individuals who are similarly scouted out and trained to be a magician's ever-present companion, bodyguard (and in a less charitable interpretation, warden), as anyone capable of magic is too valuable to lose.

As lofty as that all sounds, I plan on doing VNs in both halves, in the current era described and the time of the cataclysm! I have stories I want to tell and I want to see them through.

The situation in both halves of the world aren't ideal, but we can make them better!

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