The Starglass Witch!

Aspiring VN writer!

Burnt cinnamon roll, handle with care.


Foxtail Librarby and Cafe
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Librarby Patron · 1y

What will your VN be about?

Librarby Patron · 1d

How small are you?


5'0, or about 152cm. My greatest weakness as a witch is being picked up ;w ;

Librarby Patron · 5d

Do you like to be the little spoon or the big spoon?

Librarby Patron · 5d

What's the perfect cuddle position?

Librarby Patron · 7d

What's your favourite mythological creature that's PURE EVIL?

I don't think I have a favorite one of those at all... ;w ;

But if I had to give a dishonorable mention... the aswang.

How is every single depiction of that thing so horrifying... ;www ;

Librarby Patron · 7d

1, 2, or 3?


Ehhhh, I need to explain my answer? Nah, I left all of that behind in math class.

the f00fy one · 17 answers · 9d

What's your favorite computer bug/glitch? (Including video game glitches.)

Or: Tell me about some interesting technical issues that you've had.

The one in Mario Kart 64 where you can drive right through Peach's castle on the Royal Raceway!

There was one time I did it where I saw the pink skybox in full and I only got to enjoy it for a little bit before I got yanked back onto the track ;w ;

the f00fy one · 23 answers · 24d

What are you doing to protect your online privacy? (If the answer is "nothing", I'm happy to provide some advice!)

Ummmm... adblock, VPN, password manager, the Betterfox user.js, ritual circles...

AMoonRabbit · 12 answers · 19d

What comes from the Silent Planet?

the f00fy one · 26 answers · 1mo

Do your friends rely on you for tech support, or are you usually the one who needs tech support?

I'm usually the tech support friend in that I happily volunteer my [insert search engine here]-fu whenever someone has a problem. What people end up coming to me for even more is for PC building/upgrading advice, since I keep my nose close to the market for my own upgrade dreams ;w ;

mana · 10 answers · 1mo

Have you ever improvised or put your own spin on a meal and had it be a big hit? (Either with others or yourself)

If so, what was it?
If not, if you knew a meal would turn out edible, what kind of meal would you create? What sort of flavors would you like to see mixed together?

Librarby Patron · 1mo

There's a botanical garden reasonably close that I've never been to, should I go? What do I do there, is it like an art gallery for plants?

Kiiiiiinda? At that point it's a place where your own enjoyment is what you make of it. Actively learn about what's there, make sketches, see if they're holding any activities or events you could take part in...

Perhaps I'm a little biased. I went to one in the past and enjoyed my time greatly. Also, the Wellington Botanic Garden in Wellington, New Zealand got quite the feature in Please Be Happy, it's basically a yuri lover's pilgrimage site now!

Epsi · 21 answers · 2mo

If you were a doggo, what breed of doggo would you be? 🐾

I had this sitting for weeks because I genuinely had no idea, but then I remembered I have a dog lover friend!

She assigned me Silken Windhound ;w ;

Librarby Patron · 2mo

your girlfriends are cute!! are you poly???

Librarby Patron · 2mo

What sort of places would you like to travel to with a date? Would it be more like a travel log with your life partner then?

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