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What sort of places would you like to travel to with a date? Would it be more like a travel log with your life partner then?

Hmmm... I think you have the idea. Even a daytrip into a nearby city or the major one nearby would count for me.

In continued statements that'll probably diminish everyone's faith in me as an aspiring writer, I don't do a whole lot of recording my own thoughts and experiences without prompting! It's like that when you spend most of your growing up being convinced that there isn't much worth to your thoughts and feelings. I'm working on it! Still, a travel log... that does sound plenty fun. I mean, one of my favorite series is Wandering Witch, I could just be the next witch to take up the mantle!

To properly answer the question... I grew up sheltered as all hell, so there's an entire world out there of novel experiences waiting for me. I don't think I'd be getting bored of the idea of travel anytime soon. I'm a girl that lives through her stomach, so food tourism is also a go!

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