Saint Lady · 1 answer · 7mo

How do you deal with negativity?

Dealing with negativity is a skill that involves not only managing external influences but also navigating our own thoughts and emotions. As in my opinion and from what I've been through, I have 3 ways to get rid of it and it starts with self-awareness, the ability to recognize when negativity is creeping into our lives. This self-awareness serves as a powerful checkpoint, allowing us to pinpoint the sources of negativity, whether they originate within ourselves or come from external factors. I also think mindfulness plays a crucial role in this process. It encourages us to stay present, to be fully aware of our thoughts and emotions without judgment. This practice grants us the strength to observe negative thoughts as they arise without getting entangled in their web. If I had this issue around, I bet surrounding ourselves with positivity in the form of supportive relationships can be a shield against negativity. These connections serve as a reminder of our worth and provide a safe haven when the world feels overwhelming. Sometimes, it's necessary to recognize and distance ourselves from toxic relationships that contribute to negativity.

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