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Saint Lady asked 5 months ago · 1 answer

How do you deal with negativity?

Anya. asked 5 months ago · 3 answers

Selamat menjelang weekdays lagi, Anya's friends. Hopefully there will be a pleasant week ahead for you guys! Sweet dreams tonight. 🤎

I barely open my retrospring but still, good night, Anya cantik! May you, too, have the most restful and enchanting dreams that transport you to worlds of wonder and happiness. Once again, thank you for your thoughtful message, and we hope the week ahead brings you nothing but positivity and fulfillment. Sweet dreams to you as well! 🤍

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

What do you think about the idea of loving someone secretly?

For me, the concept of loving someone secretly is complex. It can be filled with inner turmoil and longing, as well as a deep connection to someone? While it may protect one's feelings from potential rejection, it can also be challenging because it lacks the open communication and mutual understanding that often characterize healthy relationships. Ultimately, whether it's the right choice depends on individual circumstances and the willingness to eventually reveal those feelings or find a more fulfilling path forward. ;)

awa asked 6 months ago

if u were given the chance to reincarnated and u could choose any kind of life u wanted.. who would u want to live as!!

If I had the opportunity to be reborn with any life I desired, I'd choose to experience life as a wise and ancient oak tree, rooted in a serene forest. This way, I could witness the passing of time, seasons, and the beauty of nature, offering shade, shelter, and wisdom to all who seek solace beneath my branches... It's kind a weird but I know I'd love the idea of living as oak tree.

awa asked 6 months ago


Dabria asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

Setuju skripsi dihapus atau tugas akhir jadi penelitian tingkah laku Satria podcast?

Dabria asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

"Daylight" by Taylor Swift teaches me to be defined by things that I love, but it's quite irrelevant since I hate a lot. Which type are you? Defined by things you love or hate?

I believe I'm defined more by the things I love. My passions and interests shape who I am and what I enjoy doing, which in turn influences my identity.

Dabria asked 6 months ago · 11 answers

Mana orang yang deserve dipukul pake baliho Samsung itu?

Belum ada, sejauh ini semuanya deserve dikasih energen coklat tiap pagi, takoyaki tiap siang, sama susu tiap malem!

Dabria asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

What or who do you manifest currently?

Since I'm gonna face my upcoming semester, often likened to a rollercoaster journey, I focus on finding happiness in the moments I cherish along the way, from the beginning to the end. Additionally, with family responsibilities on my plate, I hold onto the belief that God's blessings and support will remain by my side, serving as my constant motivation as I strive to achieve new milestones.

Jane asked 6 months ago

Sore sayang

Anonymous Coward asked 6 months ago

Melati my princess... love u...

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