Anonymous Coward · 21d

i loved your and your team’s work on kurose-kun…!! everything was so clean and the typesetting is soo good… it looked like an official english tl, or maybe even better than some… it’s a shame that you guys won’t be continuing it since another team got to it already (unless that team is giving it to you guys?) but i’ll keep supporting you and your team ^_^

nah we're still continuing! the other group said they're dropping it to "avoid animosity" and stuff, lol

and thank you!! i really only worked on typesetting and some pr (alongside translating the synopsis and the ship sheet at the end). the translation is my friend's aca's work. also a big chunk of the eng proofreading is thanks to another friend (credited as "lord long legs")! ran did the clrd (god bless them bc this series looks like it's gonna be a pain in the ass to redraw)

the raws only appear more high quality bc i ran them through a specific upscaler LOL... bc of the other group, we can't wait another month for the Better raws on kobo (bc they release on cmoa first). with that out of the way i think we could wait for them haha

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