??????? · 5mo

Hello, Jerian! I stumbled upon your account and I'm drawn to your enjoyable and warm presence. If only I had the opportunity to get to know more about you, wouldn't that be something? (Since I'm still a stranger to you) Sending this anonymous message feels a bit uneasy, especially since it's my first time, but I couldn't resist. Please let me know if this makes you uncomfortabe, I completely understand and respect your boundaries. Nighty-night :)

Hey, Anon! Thanks for leaving your message here for me and don't worry hey I'm fine with it because you just leave a good message here haha and talk about it, of course you can! Since I like to be friends with new people, just press my direct message if you want to be my friend, okay? It's so nice to have a new faces after a long time. 🍻

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