My soul is a lake; Lake, cup of heaven. A nest of stars in the calm night, A cup of the bird and the stardust and the soil of swans and the soul.

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Ask anything you want, but be nice to him!


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𐙚 emily · 9 answers · 2mo

what are your top 3 favorite foods?

♥️ · 28 answers · 2mo

guys nama OC kalian siapa? aku lagi bingung mikirin nama untuk cast AU-ku.. nyang ngga keberatan namanya aku pakai boleh jawab yah :3

??????? · 2mo

teman kamu eja kok menarik...

Emmeline. · 31 answers · 3mo

kalian punya gak song(s) yang udah diputer ribuan kali juga tetep gak bosen-bosen? like the songs still feel the same as the first time you listen to it?

Yes, I have! It's 'Alonica' by LANY. This song fills me with joy and peace every time I listen to it. It feels like coming home, my true sanctuary. I'll never tired of listening to this song.

𝓐 din · 19 answers · 3mo

kamu kalo lebaran paling suka kue apaa??

Alicee. · 14 answers · 2mo

gimana februarinya sejauh ini?

My February was surprisingly great! Despite a few bumps along the way, I found happiness and joy throughout the month, especially because it's Jungwon's month.

??????? · 2mo

It's been months but I still wondered why you suddenly bub-ed me, did I do something wrong to you..?

Hey anon, I'm sorry for the sudden unfollow. I cleaned up my account to prioritize interactions with my followers. If you were unfollowed, it wasn't personal; I did a soft unfollow for several accounts. Can you let me know who you are? Maybe we can reconnect and be friends again.

tunAa! 😼 · 19 answers · 2mo

Guys saran lagu yang bikin kita rasanya dicintai banget dong! Kayak give me your forever gitu

??????? · 3mo

I miss you -🌵

??????? · 3mo

kakaak kangeeenn -kitteon

??????? · 4mo

Hello, Jerian! I stumbled upon your account and I'm drawn to your enjoyable and warm presence. If only I had the opportunity to get to know more about you, wouldn't that be something? (Since I'm still a stranger to you) Sending this anonymous message feels a bit uneasy, especially since it's my first time, but I couldn't resist. Please let me know if this makes you uncomfortabe, I completely understand and respect your boundaries. Nighty-night :)

Hey, Anon! Thanks for leaving your message here for me and don't worry hey I'm fine with it because you just leave a good message here haha and talk about it, of course you can! Since I like to be friends with new people, just press my direct message if you want to be my friend, okay? It's so nice to have a new faces after a long time. 🍻

𝓐 din · 17 answers · 4mo

Apa jajanan jadul favorite kalian?!

Dodol! itu termasuk jajanan bukan? tapi dodol adalah jajanan yang aku suka banget. Selain dodol kayaknya wingko deh? dua makanan khas Jawa yang paling enak menurutku. Kayak, kalo ke Jawa harus dan wajib beli kedua makanan itu.

𝓐 din · 17 answers · 4mo

kalo kalian bisa ketemu sama diri kalian waktu kecil, apa yg mau kalian bilang ke dia?

jane. · 10 answers · 4mo

halo, temen-temen retrospringku. ada yang mau temenan di twitter alias x juga engga? 🏃🏻‍♀️

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