A bottle of sweet nothings

Paris, France
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Can I have a slice of tenderness? ♡


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🦥 · 2mo

Man’s in love with you. I am that man. Should I just come straight to you with my clear intention, that I want to know you?

Hii… I never expected to get a message like this, so I honestly am wondering if this was meant for someone else? But if it turns out that I’m the right recipient, thank you for letting me know. I really, really appreciate it! You are welcome to say hi anytime by the way ᵕ̈

F1 · 14 answers · 3mo

Are you the muse or writer of a lover?

Mhm… I honestly am just a lover at heart, through and through. But I think it would be really lovely if I could be someone’s muse for their writings and also write thousands of love letters for them. So… I wish to be both! 🤍

🦥 · 3mo

What is your recent implusive purchase?

🦥 · 3mo

Eve sayang. We may not interact much but I am blessed to have you in my timeline, you’re just so warm and sweet.

That is truly the sweetest thing I read today.. ☹️ thank you, whoever you are. I also feel incredibly blessed to have your presence around, really! Let’s engage more in the days aheaad ♡

The Lune. · 3mo

My Eve, my pretty Eve. 🥺

🦥 · 3mo

i love you!

Whaa, hi! Thank you for stopping by, I reaaally appreciate it. And I love you too ♥︎

Solace. · 4mo

My tender sweet heart, my Everly. Please keep smiling and be happy, don’t let anyone destroy your life of happiness. Because you are so precious, your kindness, your gentleness, your caring, your beauty—everything about you holds immense worth. I hope you are always surrounded by good people and filled with sincere love, and I hope you can eat delicious food and sleep well in beautiful dreamland. Know that you are always loved. :* ♥️

My sweet, dearly loved Leah, I truly am sorry for finding this message so late. Thank you so much for always being so kind to me and for sending this sweet letter, too. I love you, I love you. I hope your smile never leaves your beautiful face and may tenderness continue to paint your heart with the most beautiful hue of love. You are so dear to me, and I cherish you a lot, much more than you could ever imagine. I hope the wishes you beautifully write will find their way back to you, safe and sound. You are loved, you are always loved, by me and by everyone who knows you, my dear cupcake 🧁🤍

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