A Mystery Pixie · 5mo

What is the best way to prepare and eat eggs?

Look, I had Retrospring randomly give me this question and I don't have an answer to it - there's no single best way.

But my favorites, I have several:
I like omelettes a little! I'm still learning to make them, but it's fun. I just like cheese and maybe bacon on mine, but I want to simultaneously make a pair of omelettes for me and my fiancé(e) sometime and load theirs with veg.
Fried - over hard only. No runny yolks for me.
Boiled - Hard, unless it's a seasoned egg in some delicious ramen. Then I'll accept that gelled sort of between soft and hard boil.
Scrambled - Soft, over low heat, with no added milk, butter, or cheese. Just the egg, consistently stirred and scraped to disallow it to form any big or dry clumps, left just a little bit runny at the end. It's delicious and fluffy.

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