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Keira. · 4 answers · 7d

Menurut kamu, sedotan itu lubangnya satu atau dua?

Curious Cat · 2d

Hey, G, are you setting your eyes on anyone at the moment?

Meana · 5 answers · 3d

my fellow introverts, how do you guys recharge your energy? (kecuali tidur)

Staring at the ceiling with my legs up against the wall while listening to some music. Also re-reading my comfort books!

Abian. · 7 answers · 2d

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? :D

Mint choco! It's actually rum and raisins but I rarely find it in any ice cream parlour. Sad.

Curious Cat · 9d

kamu.. apa, ya. how to explain? kamu manis banget deh, deon. since the first time my fingers are stumbled upon your account, all i can say is nothing but a wordless amazement! it feels warm to be close with you, to witness the loveliness that you share through the way you interact with others. you are just so precious. i bring you something, but, i want you to guess from which menfess am i coming from? :p 🥸

AAHHH. I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to your sweet message :c I feel so warm reading your message, thank you. You are also precious, you bring so much warmth in the middle of this cold, exhausting day. I hope your day was so much better than mine. Mmm, let me think… was it the menfess that I replied yesterday about feeling unwanted? OR AM I WRONG? Hahah. Anyways, good evening, don’t forget to get your dinner!

Ace. · 6 answers · 10d

are you the type of person who can re-watch movie or not? may i know what movie it is?

I watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for more than 30 times already, so 🚶

arsha · 16 answers · 11d

kalau kalian jadi hewan, kalian bakalan jadi hewan apa dan mau sahabatan sama hewan apa? and why???

Aku mau jadi dinosaurus dan temenan sama bebek. Nggak tau kenapa, kayaknya bebek lucu kalau dibawa jalan-jalan.

mimi. · 10d

Deon, sejak kapan kamu suka main alat musik, lalu selain piano suka main apa lagi?

Kayaknya aku mulai tertarik buat main alat musik waktu SMP. Tapi aku pernah les piano waktu SD (karena disuruh mama, hahah). Selain piano, aku juga bisa main gitar dan pernah belajar drum (it didn’t work, haha).

cAuL · 10 answers · 11d

what expensive thing that you regret buying it?

All of my nendoroids and acrylic stands. Basically every anime merch I purchased; spent a fortune on those stuff. Sighs.

Arkana Deansleif. · 9 answers · 13d

Have you ever read a book more than once? If so, please give me the title.

I have read the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series more than once. Ah, also Lexie Xu’s Johan and Dark Series!

Abian. · 12 answers · 12d

Kalian lagi suka denger lagu apa?

Curious Cat · 12d

Kak Gigi! Hilow. Aku suka bangettt (T-nya tiga) liat coveran piano punya kak Gigi, keren bangettt. Kak Gigi bisa main alat musik apa aja, btw?

I am flattered… Thank you for the appreciation :D Aku bisa main gitar juga, tapi aku belum bisa main melodi (I’m still learning!), jadi cuma bisa cover sambil nyanyi 🚶

Curious Cat · 13d

Tell me your ideal type.

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